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You should work on reading better. Read more

It's a great vine, but it's at least rivaled by this one: Read more

Yeah, it's sure been awful to watch. Read more


Oh, I imagine many of them are more supportive of Sterling than they let on. Read more

Yeah, I prefer to stay where I'm not going to be surrounded by dumbass white CPAs, too. Read more

To be clear, everything Sterling said it true. NBA attendance is down because the league has an image problem.The last thing he wanted was his side piece promoting the ghetto image that is hurting NBA ticket sales. (1) players are lazy tatted up thugs who flop all over the court and don't play hard till the playoffs Read more

Good job finding the REAL story here. Read more

Question: do you think that we're going to run out of internet? I'm pretty sure if you're tired of reading about it you're welcome to go to literally any other website. Read more

U/Albert, I know we've had our differences in the past (in-the-bird stuffing is still a deathtrap/gummy abomination), but you fucking nailed it here. Bravo. Read more

I don't know if you feel like updating this or making a new blog list at any point, but I started a blog about mental health issues called The Couch. There's also a directory blog to keep track of as many new sub-blogs as possible. Read more

I don't think it's a huge deal, but these people are bastards and deserve to be called out as such. Read more

Maybe not, but it came from the MIND of Guy Fieri. It's like seeing a trailer for a movie "presented by M. Night Shyamalan." Read more

The Mac + Cheese Bacon Burger Read more

It was less arguing and more adding on, while retaining the option to argue in the future. Read more

Rightness is far more important than eloquence. Read more

This deserves far more stars. Read more

None of it kept me from thinking " there is the possibility that they were both blacked out, banged nice and hard (aint that fun?) Read more