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#2 was a civil engineer with architecture in his education - as has been pointed out, calling him an architect is probably a disservice to his actual career. #3 is quite possibly the greatest American who ever lived. Read more

I’m more impressed that he managed to wear those pants. A man has his limits, and the elder Brady was clearly pushing them. Read more

Technically a civil engineer, but he studied architecture and has it in his bio often enough to be included. Read more

5. Pierre L’Enfant (If you lived in Washington D.C.) Read more

A comprehensive list of architects you probably have heard of: Read more

Mitsubishi only has themselves to blame. Their entire business model was sub-prime auto loans financed with their own money on cars that would break before they were paid off. Read more

I still firmly believe that Cadillac needs to bring back the brougham as a large RWD luxury car intended to go head-to-head with the S class in terms of luxury, comfort, and technology. Base model right under 100k, optional up to 140k or so. If they did it right, there could be a new king in town. Read more

Sees new posting from Drew... Celebrates inside. Read more

No Argo’s Wave Motion Cannon? List is invalid. Read more

I'm a huge nuclear proponent. And wind has a big place in the North American energy marketplace. Read more

I know my experience is only anecdotal, but I was a director at a major wind energy company in 2009, and the very real decisions that I had to make when the market changed due to the annually renewed tax credits that had existed for two decades prior basically gutting our R&D budget and putting our office of 70 people Read more

Not if your job was in wind around 2009. He chased more capital out of that market than you can imagine. Investors put their money where it will get a return, and ditching the RETC saw a lot of investment go elsewhere, setting the industry back more than you are probably aware. Read more

Pretty rich coming from the man that basically gutted the progress of the wind industry in America by cancelling the renewable energy tax credit. Read more

Oedipus: Totally agree, bro. Read more

It will be eeeuge. That much is guaranteed. Read more

A well equipped 1995 Supra went out the door for about $51k. That's about $80k in today's money. I can't see any reason this chassis wouldn't support a car that would be a worthy Supra successor at a similar price point. Read more

I believe that, even though fracking is a common practice, the risk is localized to the extent that it will not have much impact on a macro level/long term map like this, at least in the context of significant events. Read more