Jul 6 2018

I loved the bit with Cassie texting Scott in the middle of the hostage scene, and Bill willingly letting the video chat happen because Cassie texted “911". Like, everybody involved fundamentally understood that it’s kind of important when a kid texts their parent “911" and so they all paused their hostage thing for a Read more

Jun 22 2018

The dipshit on the far right looks like he's about to explain why it's OK to use the n-word in public.

Jun 19 2018

Yes, because they need to answer as to what his fucking deal is that he keeps writing the same terrible article and it keeps getting published.

Jun 19 2018

I’ve said before that there’s very little I wouldn’t give to get just five more minutes of Stewart playing Picard in a new Trek production, so this is incredibly exciting news. I also genuinely really like the idea of a Starfleet Academy series—it could be an opportunity to explore life on Earth/within the Federation Read more

Jun 6 2018

Yeah, I feel like the writing has been sloppy this season. Also, what the hell happened with the whole plan to trade Handmaids to Mexico? Remember that?

I feel like the whole plot of this episode was to get Serena to some kind of breaking point- look! Fred hit her, so now she gets it, right? When it could have been Read more

Jun 5 2018

I hate TLJ too, but man, if you’re not the one harassing people, then there’s no point in jumping on here and trying to point fingers. It ain’t about you. Read more

Jun 4 2018

You’re right. “Cop who murdered unarmed man is later revealed to be a Nazi” is much more accurate.

Jun 4 2018

“These ‘scars’ tell my history which include a dark time when I was in prison”
Read more

Jun 4 2018

Are we even going to feign surprise that a guy with multiple nazi tattoos got hired as a Louisiana police officer?

May 28 2018

I don’t know the announcers, so forgive me if I’m insulting a legend... but I’d kill myself if I had to hear that accent on every broadcast.

May 28 2018

I think your anger is misplaced. There’s not a problem with the “timeline.” Just because you haven’t seen something happen doesn’t mean that there’s a timeline problem. His appearance fits perfectly within the established timeline, even if you just go with the movies. Putting aside the cartoons, if he showed up Read more

May 28 2018

The Bernard/Dolores scene at the start of the episode is definitely in the cradle, since it shares the same letterboxed aspect.

May 26 2018

My favorite scene with Amos was in SE3Ep6 when he tells that Dr. he is “That Guy.”

May 24 2018

I just can’t believe that people are making such a big deal out of, of all things, the fucking Thundercats. Read more

May 23 2018

People can bitch about not “resorting to violence” but part of making the world a nicer place for marginalized people is shutting up racists and other assholes. Punching Richard Spencer in the face, tossing drinks at Tomi Lahren, these aren’t just things that give me a warm fuzzy, they’re laudable actions that Read more