McChiken116 - Patrick H.
Oct 7 2015

Or, you could, I don't know, actually pay for content you value, and support the further creation of said content. Just sayin.

Aug 20 2015

The tone-deafness of this video is kind of the point. Everyone uses and expects dinky orchestral music. We are not going to play by your old people rules.

Aug 6 2015

The last one I purchased was 2013, and without my force feedback wheel I found it simply impossible to complete anything. I am going to scoop up a PS4 and a new forcefeed back setup in the coming months and try 2015 out!

Apr 12 2015

Yes, but WHAT did he destroy? The entire city of Austin? The moon? My parents' marriage? Watch the race (which was on LIVE TV DURING NORMAL HOURS) and find out!