McChiken116 - Patrick H.
Feb 2 2017

Oh man I am so into these little things. Sure it’s not an S2000 replacement, but it’s so cute. I would drive a slammed and stanced one in a heartbeat

Jan 5 2017

If Conor wasn’t up there I would for sure throw you into the mix bill, but my vote has already been cast. Good luck though!

Dec 25 2016

Hate to burst your bubble, but the GT- One Toyota has never really run correctly, and it was non running when I saw it this August at TMG.

Dec 5 2016

Hey man! Thanks for the surprise of seeing my car on the front page. Your car was a dream, and I’m glad you enjoyed my car too.

Sep 23 2016

To be fair, Polygon is the channel, and Car boys is a show. But these guys are fantastic. This and Monster Factory are both some of my favorite stuff on the internet.