I just wanted to say it is hilarious at how poorly (Vichy) Deadspin handled this story. Just an embarrassing group of people that work there. Shut that site down, but open the comments for its last day in order for the writers to feel it.

I get it’s much easier to write an article trashing Nichols for her admittedly indefensible remarks, but maybe spend the extra time putting it in its proper context and examining why black employees in general feel unsafe at ESPN or why they couldn’t just have two women on the Finals panel instead of forcing them to Read more

She was almost certainly leaving whether that video leaked or not, she asked for a huge contract while everyone else was taking paycuts and ESPN said absolutely not.  I’m sure ESPN is really glad that Rachel Nichols is here to draw the blog worlds fire away from their hiring and employment practices though.

Narcissism is a helluva a drug...

It’s not about “lying.” The choice wasn’t between peace and violence. The system only operated with intense violence.  So it was a choice between different expressions of violence.  She chose one of them and there’s no knowing yet which was the “better” choice.

Except we see Kang wasn’t lying, and he had no reason to lie. Secondly, he was giving them the choice to take over and start doing things their way. All Kang knew was the Loki’s would either take over the TVA or Sylvie would kill him, that’s not the “I keep the trains running” argument.

She didn’t care about that though, that wasn’t why she killed him. She personally blames him for having to be on the run for as long as she was. That’s it. Sylvie was never presented as a deep emotionally conflicted character who was torn between doing the right thing and seeing her plan come to fruition. In the end, Read more

I think this was the issue. She was so lacking in charisma that it undermined the which-is-the-right-choice crisis they were setting up for the audience. It was harder to emotionally invest in her. 

I don’t mind her character beats; just her mediocre performance. It should have been someone with as much charisma as Hiddleston— which is a tall order but don’t they have all the money in the world? They could’ve cast literally almost anybody instead of going with an unknown that ultimately didn’t really cut it. Read more

Alas poor Yorick, he hath not read Hamlet, nor Macbeth, I see, plays of infinite exposition, of most excellent info dumping, with minor set dressing in the form of characterisation.

In my opinion, the weakest aspect of this series has been Sylvie. The first two episodes set up a strong mystery only for the curtain to be pulled back on someone who’s end goal is so.......shortsighted and extremely limiting in scope for a Loki. And maybe that is the point, she is the antithesis of what a Loki is. Read more

They were given to her by a witch, obvs!

I can think of a worse way to spend my day: actually watching that asshole on TV.

She pulls out every play in the fragile white girl handbook on this one. Racist freak out? Check. ‘Emotional Breakdown’ as soon as she realizes she’s being filmed? Check. That doesn’t work so she pretends to pass out? Check. That doesn’t work so she lashes out violently again? Check. Cops show up and she turns on the Read more

Do people really think she wants was only black woman competing for TeamUSA? Cause she isn’t. Including herself the top three finishers in the 100m were black women. Most of the women in that race were black. The 4x100 relay team is Gabby Thomas, English Gardner, and Alelia Hobbs. Read more

Highly doubt it. Richardson isn’t well known as some big activist, while some other athletes who are, are still in the Olympics.

The bar on “good” sports reporting is so low. Unless you’re breaking a story, everything else is some variation of “How were you feeling/what were you thinking?”

Okay, a couple of things. While there has been speculation about this subject, Michael Phelps himself has denied that he has Marfan Syndrome with test results supporting him on that. Additionally even if Phelps has the visible symptoms of the syndrome, it has been pointed that it is very unlikely that he could compete Read more