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Right!? It shares the same platform so it should be relatively easy to do. I’m assuming it has something to do with them thinking it might cannibalize sales from their other vehicle sales... Read more

You had me at the start and lost me by the middle Read more

They’re all pretty tasty, but my favorite kettle-cooked chip is Krunchers, especially their mesquite BBQ flavor. I can’t always find Krunchers in stock, so my second choice is actually Walmart’s house brand kettle chips. I haven’t tried Utz, mentioned by another commenter, but they sound good. Read more

Go big or go home!

“I attended a “high school with ashtrays.”” Read more

If Texas was still part of Mexico then this would be regional Mexican cuisine. I think it was Eva Longoria that said the “We didn’t cross the boarder, the boarder crossed us”, when she was talking about how long her family has lived in Texas.   Read more

The Power Wagon is still the truckiest truck that ever trucking trucked.

It’s that weird “separation of church and state” thing that people seem to ignore. Read more