mark bremer

You go girl.  Great article. Read more

A sunday newspaper. From a large city. Read more

Those bumpers don’t look right. Read more

Never had one without those in it, where you from. I am from Wisconsin. Read more

Owned one, you will never win, get rid of it. You shouldn't try to fix it  Read more

Definitely big difference, best for steaks. Read more

They do things differently here boay. Read more

Are you going to have anything left for Road America over the July 4th weekend.  Thats serious stuff there. Read more

Have you conquerd a stick shift yet ? Read more

Gosh, I owned one of those once, wonderful road car when it was drivable. I feel so sorry for you, and what you will go through, good luck. Read more

Golf, fresh air. Read more

Golf, fresh air.

Love to drive it, but not own it. Read more

Caught my ex doing the same thing in our E. Read more