Jane *is* the... blue passport
12:29 PM

I understand the desire to constantly create Robin Hood movies, because public domain characters and money, but for all of its flaws and mullet action and sheer ridiculousness, you’re never going to top the 90's version simply and solely because you’ll never find another Alan Rickman.

8:15 PM

I’m so sorry. I replied to you previously about your friend (my dad lived with Primary Progressive MS for close to 30 years before dying of lung cancer). It’s such a bitch of a disease, and affects everyone in different ways. Please know that it’s ok to feel good for your friend for no longer having to deal with it Read more

6:28 PM

I like to go for nature walks. I’m not particularly outdoorsy, but being outside in the woods with some music, an audiobook, or a podcast to listen to is pretty calming, especially when the weather is nice.  I’m lucky enough to have a nature park with walking trails near my house, so I drop by there to unwind when I Read more

4:10 PM

Heh, once again I’m pimping for Ruth Goodman’s How To Be A Victorian; she talks a lot about eating a Victorian diet and how if you are doing every chore in your house and field by hand, it makes a LOT of sense. She talks about how her palate completely changed, how one clove of garlic rubbed around a bowl could make Read more

3:14 PM

The low key nationalism has been going on for a while now in British cookery and there has been a small revival of things like samphire, fresh herring and such being re-introduced to higher end British restaurants and cafes. Read more

3:04 PM

Salsify is grown in home gardens and community gardens! I fell in love with a book, Vegetables by Colin Spencer, and I grew in my community garden plot for a couple of years. It’s very tasty, but I do prefer parsnips and turnips.

2:03 PM

You can use the young leaves of salsify as a potherb! Same with dandelion! Eat your weeds! EAT YOUR WEEEEEEDS

1:45 PM

Salsify is delicious! I had it once when I was staying at a Shaker inn in Kentucky. (I’m not entirely sure that’s right. It was definitely Kentucky, and the inn was old-timey.)   Read more

1:43 PM

Spoiler alert: the grocery store won’t stock stuff that people don’t buy, and people won’t buy obscure seasonal crops because they’re unfamiliar because the grocery store won’t stock them. It’s a vicious cycle. Read more

10:09 AM

An ex of mine reached out to me about a month ago. It was someone i’d been deeply in love with around 6 years ago and never fully got over- our breakup was chalked up to bad timing. He basically came back and said he’d regretted ever ending things, found out he was single (his words) and living nearby and we gradually Read more

2:41 AM

I’m sure you were tactful. Giving unsolicited advice and undermining the confidence of multiple group members? Sounds more like a Nice Guy TM and good riddance.

11:39 PM

I think anything invoking Wakanda and something as powerful as the Wu-Tang Clan should be left to black people.  Read more

8:29 PM

I made questionable choices this week when I met a random stranger off the turnpike to buy chickens out of his trunk. Squeeeeee! These girls are Mille Fleur D’ullces. They are Belgian and friendly lap chickens, super affectionate and just darlings. We named then Waffles and Pancake.   I am slowly turning into a crazy