Jane *is* the... blue passport
4:45 PM

I wouldn’t go with champagne or similar colours because it might look like you tried and failed to match the dress colour? What do navy blue and burgundy look like with your complexion? Of those, for me, I would always go red rather than blue. But I’d probably go blue to align with the groom / MOH. But a blue that is Read more

4:34 PM

If you’ve made meringue before, macarons are easy peasy. If you haven’t, give macarons a practice run first.
I started with this recipe and I think only played with it in terms of flavours

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4:17 PM

Meh-quality can work. I have some pans basically made out of tin foil; I just have to have very low heat and cook slowly with them. My cast iron skillet and griddle pan were both from TK Maxx (you guys have TJ Maxx but it’s the same company? I think?) for about £15. Read more

5:04 PM

What about something that IS helping other people? A piece of art supporting a local creator. Some locally made interesting food, straight from the farm (or baker, or butcher). A piece of clothing or an accessory that’s hand crafted.

9:25 AM

Owning up to my mistakes at work and saying “this happened, this is how I plan to fix / mitigate it, can anyone help or have other ideas?” has made me a far more effective employee - BUT tread carefully because in some organisations this would put a target on your back. You need the support of your team and manager to Read more

1:32 PM

I can’t answer the ultimate question (though I lean towards Wakanda being actually significant even though it’s “just pop culture”), but would it be more valuable in this case to demonstrate to the classmate that your son listens and respects others?

6:36 PM

So you’re going to unfriend someone you’ve known for 20 years because they’re not interested in photos and/or didn’t ask in YOUR preferred manner to be removed from a group you putthem in without their knowledge/request? Read more

5:26 PM

I’m a bit spoiled, York is my local historic city. It’s fine. It will be cold in October! Durham is also nice and quite similar - big old cathedral, dramatic surroundings... Read more

2:58 AM

Sloggi do long leg knickers but only really available online - which I don't understand! They look like spanx but are cotton / not sausage casing.

2:56 AM

I guess you have to be really brutal here - this is the reason that house is affordable, right? What would you have to change about your lifestyle or belongings would have to change to live there (e.g. passing on pets, furniture...)?

3:48 AM

Might be worth seeing if it’s a unit you can replace yourself; I managed on a 2002 car and I’m no mechanic (though quite good with assembling furniture and other tinkering things)

5:33 PM

I use “human” or “person”. So if a wandering dog comes up to me/us, I can say “oh silly, where is your human?”. Or “sorry, I’m not your person” to one waiting outside a shop.