Oct 26

Hi Edie, Ive technically left Groupthink due to being trolled but I just wanted to say I’m holding my breathe over here in the U.K. re the election and hoping that Biden wins . I’m staying up here on election night hoping and praying for the right result. I’m very worried about my USA friends . I’m hoping to god trump Read more

Sep 27

Hi, the person who commented on SNS last night is not me, it’s my troll. I actually wrote on GT last week that I was quitting because the troll had created an account in my dead cats name and defaced his eyes. They have now created a burner that looks like my account but they have no followers or comment history. Any Read more

Sep 20

Hi Leahaven, I’m so sorry to jump on your gratitude post, there is a gratitude near the end to all the lovely people here. Read more

Sep 19

Thank you Stanzi, there is definitely happy memories mixed in with the tears, Ollie was the best . 

Sep 18

One year since my cat fell asleep for the last time with his paw in my hand and the next day I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life . You honestly saved my life when we met. Miss you more than words can say Ollie❤️

Sep 3

Have a lovely time, if you find time to post pics I’d love too see them. 

Sep 3

I do especially the John Connolly Charlie Parker series, John Grisham, Stephen King, I’ve just always been able to remember all the details in books. Read more

Sep 3

I’ve never reread a book for me once I have read it I’ve read it. I do love the John connolly Charlie Parker series and refuse to move until I’ve finished one. Read more

Sep 2

Yikes, I hope it gets sorted soon and it doesn’t cost a lot to fix. 

Aug 31

Easily done Penguin, no need to apologise at all :)