Maximum 4C
8:19 AM

I have my dad’s Mustang and keep it outside under a cover and bought yoga mats to protect it in case of hail. I read the article first and saw they don’t work but then watched the video and those were pretty flimsy yoga mats. Mine are 1/2" thick and I bought six of them to cover the whole horizontal area of the car.

3:32 PM

I went to the first F1 race at COTA and did three of your recommendations to keep my costs as low as possible. Read more

8:41 AM

Standing in line for a Twins game is probably still more enjoyable than watching a Twins game

2:23 PM

Airplane is one of me and my bosses favorite movies. The first time we talked about how much we liked it I asked him if he thought it was funny how the sound effect for the plane is a prop plane instead of a jet. He had never noticed that and went home that night to re-watch it and came back laughing his ass off the Read more

8:58 AM

It really bums me out when I see an Alfa on NPOCP and the price is this low. I can only imagine what I would get for a trade in on my Stelvio.

12:01 PM

I find it quite sad that the all of the people in the clips in the article have passed away. RIP Mean Gene, Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth, Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan.

3:20 PM

I was a little confused by the Apollo 11 anniversary paragraph. Apollo 11 landed on July 20th but the mission started on the 16th.

11:29 AM

Looks like Larry enjoyed that about as much as I would enjoy a “friend” poking me in the eye while I am at work.

11:21 AM

A few years ago I tried to talk my dad into flying into Paris renting a nice sporty car or wagon. Then we would drive over to Spa and watch the F1 race that weekend. After that we would head over to Nurburg and drive the Nurburgring and maybe take the ring taxi too. Then we’d spend the next few days driving around Read more

11:52 AM

For those reading the comments and don’t get the references here is a YouTube to help.

2:46 PM

I cant give the WWE a hard time for going on with the show because plans, flights, hotels and all the other stuff for the production was already in the works. I can be disappointed in HBK every time he has made a guest appearance since his retirement the US crowd will chat “ONE MORE MATCH”, Canadians still chant “YOU Read more

12:42 PM

This. Plus make sure nobody passes him the ball so all he does for the game is run up and down the court.

7:17 AM

Don’t forget Roman opening Raw the night after he defeated Undertaker at WM. That was eight solid minutes of boos, deletes, go away’s and STFU’s.

8:03 AM

Mark’s 90 minute shower and overall schedule lead me to think he is trying to emulate Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Below is a quote from the movie. Read more

8:59 AM

When I turned 30 I went on a world tour vacation and Singapore was one of my stops and I had one of the best days of my life there. It started normally I was staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel so I went for a swim in the rooftop pool for an hour or two first thing in the morning. Then after getting cleaned up and

2:36 PM

It is just aliens partying around a neutron star to the Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters.

1:58 PM

I blame the WWE Network for the increase in interference ending. Back in the Attitude era a PPV cost $40-60 and if you ponied up the money for one and it ended in a crappy finish guess what you wouldn’t buy another until you saw a really good card. Now, hey, it’s only $9.99 if this PPV sucks just keep the subscription Read more

9:37 AM

I hate myself but I voted CP as the first car I ever bought was a white 99 SHO in 2003 with 30,000 miles for $10,500. Some days I wish I still had it but I cant see spending $15,000 for one.