Same cast? No.
The only recurring actors through out his entire filmography has been Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzmann.
Scorsese don’t get as much shit Anderson gets for still working with De Niro. Nor does Tarantino with Samuel L Jackson, or Nolan with Cillian Murphy.

Wes Anderson has had an incredible pool of talents Read more

A lot of people doesn’t equate to “everybody”.

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So your argument is making up things I did not say? Read more

I like Afterlife, except the ending battle.

What afterlife got for him that 2016 didn’t is that it is not a remake or reboot and it is not trying to replace the old movies. It’s a sequel with new characters that tries to continue the legacy of the franchise without erasing it.

I like that it is just different than the Read more

It was probably the first time that people were called sexists for not liking a movie.
People are more pissed about that than at the movie itself.

Insulting people because they don’t like your movie is a dumb strategy. Read more

There is no accepting these kind of hate, especially towards an individual. I can’t imagine what it feels like to receive that kind of messages, if I was a celebrity, first thing I would do is hire someone to manage my social media.

That being said, I disagree with her comment about Jason Reitman. It’s been 7 years, Read more

That image screams of Bioshock 3 rip off. Read more

I was already excited to see Sugar, and now there is 3 more! Great news. Read more

Compared to who exactly? What directors has an entire filmography without any adaptation or inspirations?

By your standard Kubrick also can’t come up with original ideas, neither does Spielberg, Tarantino, David Fincher, Scorsese etc etc.
How dare they adapt books, hire screenwriters, make biopics or have original Read more

getting Nintendo would be a career moment,”
Spencer proves once more that he cares more about buying IP than actually making them.
Video game makers career moments should be about releasing great games that gets recognition.

All those Xbox studios that were bought and are releasing less and less games, and this idiot Read more

Alright, glad he got removed and facing backlash.

Carry on people. Read more

To me it falls in a different category. These kind of shows are not solely made by the presenters, there is a team of journalists, researchers and writers.
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I get it, he might have crossed a line there. I’ll try and see it and read the article afterwards.
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Well you could say anything, stand up comedy can only be judge by hearing it.
That being said, I watch a lot of stand up, I don’t retain any of those stories as something that fully happened. Except when they talk about it again in interviews or podcast.
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I didn’t say everything is false either, I just don’t take it at 100% truthful. Read more

The important part was that women now know that they can and should talk about this to the people close to them. That they will get support.
Not so long ago, women were actually punished for being raped, either by being ostracized by their family, or rejected by men as “damaged” or just ignored. Like their parents Read more

Since when do we expect stand up comedians to tell the truth? What the fuck is this? Read more

No reason to be sorry, it’s an interesting conversation. I don’t know everything about movies or making them.

To answer your question about what I would say to investors to sell a movie like nightcrawler, the low budget and the cast attached to it must have been the selling point. These type of movies gets made because Read more

NIghtcrawler is a great example, he is unlikable and he does win in the end.
I didn’t say the point of every movie is for the main character to win.
I said unlikeable characters are not here to win in the end, except to frustrate the audience.
I think you have a winner with Nightcrawler. It’s a rare kind of movie Read more