Captain Max and JINX
Jun 16 2019

I don’t remember the CGI in The Phantom Menace being “bad” so much as I remember there being almost too much CGI in certain scenes. Especially the end battle scene on Naboo. It made everything look fake and the non-CGI elements seem out of place. 

Dec 13 2018

For me, Solo kind of ruined the legend of the Kessel Run. Han wasn’t even really the reason that they were able to complete it in 12 parsecs. It was all L3-37. 

Aug 11 2018

Never thought about it, but that makes perfect sense based on what we saw of the Power Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mar 31 2018

I’m surprised he didn’t draw in some smoke at the bottom to obscure the character’s feet.

Sep 8 2016

When you go see a movie on a military base they play the anthem before the movie. I can only speak for myself, but when I was in the military this annoyed the shit out of me.
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Jun 6 2016

Personally, I never felt that the movie truly captured the essence of my story. And don’t even get me started on the decision to cast Jinx as himself!

May 16 2016

For some reason the way the sword appears blade to hilt in the video really bothers me. Not as much as the existence of three more Transformers movies bothers me, but still.

May 9 2016

I loved everything about this movie, but I fear that we may have reached a tipping point. I foresee a future where every time Marvel releases a movie no matter how good or entertaining it is everyone will be pointing out flaws in it. Whereas every time DC, Fox or Sony releases a superhero movie those same people will Read more

May 9 2016

The answer to the question of “Should we want more” is obviously yes, but it is absurd to expect it from a tentpole studio film. Marvel Studios puts these movies out to entertain fans and make billions of dollars not to break new ground or subvert the expectations of film critics. Read more