Dec 2 2015

1.) We are already heavily involved. Hitting pinpoint targets and exacting intelligence that is actionable is a huge ROI. Basically you are asking a much larger strategic question, I will address this in the very near future. Read more

Nov 23 2015

We considered adding a large, golden puddle on the back, but printing on both sides was just too expensive.

Nov 23 2015

Tycho editor Adam here. Oh, hell yes! ‘80s OMNI is definitely a touchstone for us. It’s safe to say that we feel the same about it. We want to bring some of that to what’s going on right now in publishing with rising standards for paper and production. As well as make something appealing to both hardcore SF fans and Read more

Nov 19 2015

They were tipped off by a whistle-blower who’d like to remain Hieronymus.

Sep 12 2015

Coach must have a bad temper if it takes only one Kelvin to make him reach the boiling point.

Aug 27 2015

Yes, but it’s an interesting balance between the marketing department (since having that brand recognition/association usually means you’re at the top of the field) and the legal department (that wants to protect that association from a diluting of the brand by genericide)

Aug 13 2015

For the last 20 years, I’ve been playing in the Abilene Philharmonic, and whenever I’m in town (I live in Austin), I spend my free time out at Rister Park, smoking cigars and watching the show. I’ve gotten some pretty good spots out there, including this E-4 and this P-8. And here’s a Dyess Bone for good measure.