Prince Ruprecht the Monkey Boy

“Kravitz, who I think is just benefiting from her last name.”

Nonsense. She’s also ridiculously attractive.  Read more

He went toe to toe with DDL in There Will be Blood and didn’t come off badly at all, which takes some doing. Always been underrated for me.
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The arkham Riddler is brilliant. He’s so delightfully smug, which makes it hysterical that he always mentally breaks down every game. He has the snide ridiculous elements of his brilliant 66 version, but given modern crazy death traps. Also, if you play the arkham games in chronological order, Riddler’s physical and Read more

I would never have thought of this casting, but my god it is perfect.
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Yes, and I'll deliver the eulogy in a manner of my own choosing. Read more

Please, sir, this is a funeral service. Read more

Josh Brolin as Two Face will refuse to sanction Paul Dano’s buffoonery. Read more

“Time travel? Sounds a little hokey.” Read more

“Does this role have a scene where at some point my face is unrecognizable due to massive contusions and blunt trauma?” Read more

Well, it ain’t Michael Emerson, but I’ll take it. Read more

That is the least punchable Paul Dano’s face has ever looked, insofar as I only want to punch it a little bit. I mean, if he was right in front of me, I’d punch it, but if I had to cross the street, or get off the couch, meh.
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For Pattinson, Kravitz, and now Dano, I’ve thought, “...Yeah, I could see that.” Read more

This is shaping up pretty nicely. Read more

For the Riddler? Yeah, I can see that.  Read more

Joygasm! Joygasm! Joygasm! Joygasm! Read more

As someone who finds his face extremely punchable, I love it, too! Read more

Fuck yeah! I haven’t been this excited for a Batman flick since Nolan. Read more

I like Paul Dano, but he really seems to love doing films where his character gets beaten up
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I'm still hoping that this movie is secretly an adaptation of Long Halloween. I know, Nolan just did the Two Face thing, but I would still love it. Read more