Jan 19 2018

My friend bought one of these... twice.

It was bought and stolen in 2001. In 2005 he graduated HS and wanted one again after landing a good job so he searched around. He found one in California in white (his old one was black) but he wanted it. He had it shipped to MA, registered it and drove it around for the summer Read more

Dec 22 2017

you are one of my favorite people of all time.

Dec 6 2017

Don’t look now but he’s here, semiliterate as ever.

Dec 6 2017

I had a pizza tasting contest (with SCORE CARDS for sauce, toppings, and crust—it was SCIENTIFIC) last year and in my and three of my friends VERY HIGHLY GOOD opinion, this list is SHAT. Domino’s was the hands-down winner while Pizza Hut tasted like a cake with sugar-sweet tomato sauce on it.

Nov 21 2017

The last V8 Vantage was the perfect looking car in my mind and this has rather ruined it. Won’t age as well as the last either, much to busy.

Nov 20 2017

My dad always did everything himself on his race car, so when I was old enough to start racing he showed me the ropes, and one thing that he was constantly doing was checking his toe. Pretty much before and after every race, practice session, etc., he’d be making sure those front wheels were lined up how he wanted Read more

Nov 16 2017

Sabine is a great driver but a terrible presenter.

Nov 16 2017

It was obvious from season 1 that killing off celebrities was there way to differentiate from the past. They only needed to do it enough to make it clear that celebrity interviews was never going to happen. and now that the message is said, they no longer need to remind us about it. Read more

Nov 14 2017

Is this their roundabout way of admitting that DPi is a success and those damn Muricans did something better than the Frogs?

Nov 6 2017

Honourable mention in the era of rwd rally hatchbacks from the late 70's the Vauxhall Chevette HS and HSR. Pretty much the same formula although the engine was a Lotus developed 16v on a Regular GM 2300 block rather than the 907

Nov 3 2017

It’s Friday! I hope you have a weekend that makes you feel as good as that kid in the center there behind the Honda Step Van.

Nov 1 2017

How can you not like this? The car world can be so bland these days. I hate to say it but donks and stance are the only thing keeping car culture alive.