Sep 2

“’s hard to justify arresting someone and seizing all of their electronics simply for posting about a protest on Facebook.” Maybe not so hard - it’s an incitement to behavior that is counter to the health of the population during a pandemic. Victoria has been under strict lockdown for a month and she is Read more

May 1 2018

Polar opposite for me: I’m watching the developments even closer. I don’t see any real damage control needed, but that said, nothing less than lightning in a bottle will do for Ep9. Acting? Perfect as it is. Visuals? Dialed in. Cinematography? Pretty much all set. Individual arcs per character? Fine, with some that Read more

May 1 2018

So you won’t be aheadof me in the queue? That’s great!

Apr 28 2018

Yes, thank you, finally! Please let her stay dead.

Apr 4 2018

Heck, her parents could have sold her for passage on the ship to somewhere other than Jakku. That actually makes sense.

Apr 3 2018

Was he even talking about himself? Or just talking about the series and the creatives in general? You seem really angry at the guy. Read more

Feb 12 2018

At this point, I warp right past the seething screed. Which is something, because the Prime Directive of the Internet is, “Never read the comments.” Here, in the Mirror Internet, it is, “Never read the review.”

Feb 9 2018

Melanie Sykes is ACE on radio 2 in the summer with Alan Carr. I once voluntarily painted my downstairs loo all morning so I could listen to them without interruption.

Feb 7 2018

even in the gif posted above, I don’t see any real difference between the two sets of footage... Read more

Feb 6 2018

At this point, I’m absolutely fine with applauding someone willing to sign the checks to do something like this

Feb 6 2018

Yes. But given the purpose of, and the set up of, said space junk, the fact that half the rocket returned to earth to be recycled, the fact that he is doing his best to save the planet with the companies he chiefs, I think we can let Musk’s car float around our solar system for a billion years.

Feb 6 2018

Tomorrow Elon Musk shuts down SpaceX, having achieved his real goal of a Gentleman’s Club bet of putting his car into space.

Jan 26 2018

Those expectations being...? Rey’s parentage? Despite never once in Force Awakens did it imply she did not know who her parents were? Snoke’s backstory? Despite knowing exactly the same amount about him as Palpatine (more if you count the fact that we know his name is Snoke instead of just “The Emperor”)? Complaints Read more