Sep 22 2014

He cashed in, in his 70s, doing 150mph in a Porsche. HERO.

Jul 3 2014

You sir are actually wrong ! Weight transfer doesn't give you faster cornering . The amount of grip you gain on the outer wheel is actually less than the grip you lose on the inner wheel ! Net lateral grip is going to be less ! Any weight transfer = less overall lateral grip.
Remember Longitudinal load ( Fx) vs Read more

Jun 26 2014

It would probably look better if it got '70s Firebird looks.

Feb 12 2014

Michele Mouton is an animal. She took the same group B audi up Pikes peak for many years after it was banned in rally. A friend of mine Bill Brister took the hill record from her one year, besting her by a few seconds. She congratulated him by punching him in the face. What could be faster than a group B rally Read more

Feb 10 2014

blah blah this list sucks blah blah upset that obscure engine designer gets no credit blah Jalopnik is crap blah blah keeps visiting and commenting anyway. Read more

Jan 27 2014

Remember, the current GT-R can do zero to 60 mph in a mere 2.7 seconds. That's obscenely fast. The only things quicker than that are the Bugatti Veyron, light, and... well, I think that's about it, actually.

Jan 27 2014

Oh, come on! The tires have Nitrogen in them. It's like air without oxygen, so the inside of your tires will never rust. Read more

Jan 8 2014

I won't lie... I was really hoping for the 5.5L V8 from the C6.R

Wait for it....

...because race car.

Dec 4 2013

I beg to differ. Here we have a Griggs-equipped Mustang with a solid axle out-cornering a GTR. Oh, by the way, the Mustang has DOT tires (think Hoosier R6s), while the GTR has full race slicks.