Matthew Phelan
Sep 8

The diagnosis question gets complicated in part because Marzello has never sought therapy or treatment. He identifies himself as transgender, but also feels shame for that, and has ever since he can remember feeling that way. He says he may have felt he was the wrong gender a child, but can’t specifically recall; he Read more

Aug 10

As someone who works in academia, although currently a national research institute, I cannot put in to words how instantly infuriated I become by someone trying to excuse knowingly having sexual interactions with students of their college, even if they do not teach particular students. It is such a bad situation and Read more

Jul 19

Maybe banthas have ineffective digestive systems. On first pass, they don’t digest all the nutrients available in their food. Coprophagia and rumination are real things in real-world animals, and it’s possible banthas need to do it too, but never evolved the rumen and supporting systems. Read more

Jul 17

My sticking point is this: Why don’t more subject experts go into journalism if they want to improve the accuracy of reporting on their discipline? So many people who criticize that kind of coverage relegate their own contributions to scholarly journals that lock the information behind paywalls instead of telling Read more

Jul 13

It sounds like this was an incredibly toxic relationship involving two incredibly toxic people. I don’t think either one of them is 100% telling the truth.

Jul 7

Has stoked a wider interest in a long-standing conversation about “copaganda,” or media images that work to present a more empathetic side to the police state while ignoring the systemic racism and implicit bias that plagues the culture. Read more