Mar 9 2018

Warning interesting/not interesting anecdote ahead:

The dead in deadblow, is the same usage as in the phrase “Dead as a doornail.” It comes from usage of the word in carpentry in Ye Ole tymes. Nails were frequently re-used historically but door nails were a one time use deal. Nails used to hold doors to their frames Read more

Dec 25 2017

Laugh now, but this guy is eventually gonna figure out a way to have sex with those girls on PornHub, and we’ll be calling him the Thomas Edison of the 21st century.

Oct 29 2017

If only there were some way that an occupant could strap themselves firmly into a car’s seat...

Aug 20 2017

as this is the internet, i suspect by this time next year we’ll all be driving down Freeway McRoadFace.

Mar 27 2017

Subaru used poor sound insulation to improve the driving experience for it’s customers: Read more

Oct 25 2016

Did anyone catch that burning bush parting the water? Friggin’ biblical.

Oct 6 2016

If you think the design is great, just wait until you have to hoist the engine to replace the timing belt!

Oct 4 2016

Surprisingly, when I picked up my MR2 it fit nicely with the engine forward of the rear axle on the uhaul trailer. It towed pretty well, I was a bit nervous with it being the first time towing anything over 1000lbs (and a rental truck and trailer with my new-to-me car)

Sep 1 2016

Perhaps they should’ve spent more money to ensure a launch.

Jul 26 2016

The cruise control on my car works at 115 mph, and I’m pretty sure there’s nowhere that is legal besides a racetrack. I don’t see why that means there should be a limit on it.

Oct 8 2015

“Mr Horn; can you please explain to the committee how it is possible that VW managed to build 2.1 MILLION cars with a complex feature that seemly worked flawlessly on every single one of them for the better part of a decade, but you can’t figure out how to make anything else on your cars work to a level even Read more