Jan 13 2018

These are IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). IIHS tests vehicles that are sold in the US to their specific standards and gives them a ranking for safety. Because their purpose is to improve/demonstrate vehicle safety to the consumer they choose to evaluate vehicles that sell in larger volumes to guide Read more

Dec 5 2017

Legitimate question. How well does that trailer do with longer dimensional lumber? I’ve been thinking of something similar for my hatchback.

Oct 6 2017

This is fairly troubling. In general a PPAP (production part approval process) cannot be marked complete for vehicles that are not built on 100% production tooling and assembly processes. If parts are being hand fit to vehicles and put in the hands of customers as sale ready cars it’s toeing the line of safety Read more

Jul 14 2017

If you keep your eye out you can occasionally find a Volvo C70 of either gen in your price range.

Oct 6 2016

So after the federal tax credit it costs $1,500 more than the Volt? Which offers more than double the range and doesn’t look like....that thing?

Oct 4 2016

Surprisingly, when I picked up my MR2 it fit nicely with the engine forward of the rear axle on the uhaul trailer. It towed pretty well, I was a bit nervous with it being the first time towing anything over 1000lbs (and a rental truck and trailer with my new-to-me car)

Jan 21 2016

Airbags are a supplemental restraint system (SRS). They work with the seatbelt, not instead of it.

Mar 28 2015

Yes so if you're reversing that and calculating miles per gallon where gallon is on the bottom (miles/gallons) you would multiply by imperial gallons over us gallons 7.5*7.5/9.007=6.25

Mar 10 2015

This is also why you should wear your seatbelt... And sit far enough away from your steering wheel... And not put your feet on the dashboard...