Miss Jennifer C. Yourface
10:29 PM

Tubbs is the cat version of Snorlax! (He’s one of my favorites too.) it’s such an easy game though. hardly a challenge. You just put out food and buy toys and the cats come to your yard. Neko Atsume is so easy.

7:48 PM

I want you to know I liked this specifically for, “I keep telling her she looks like a gift bottle of Seagram’s gin,” and also Winnifred, the chug. Read more

12:24 PM

To be honest, I developed some affection for the Playboy Mansion from seeing it on tv so much during the mid-2000's Playboy Renaissance. It would be sad to see it turned into something more modern and less unique. There were a lot of very striking rooms. I always liked that you could see what era certain parts of it Read more

11:50 AM

Fuck it all to hell. I hope they’re both doing a-ok now. That’s exactly why this shit needs to be heavily regulated. The targeted audience for these products are the targeted audience because they’re not hip to the marketing. Younger people overall tend to be the most insecure and desperate to feel happy and Read more

11:39 AM

Young women buy it. A lot of older women too, but many I know are pretty commited to whatever snake oil of their youth that is still being peddled. Classmates of mine have talked about waist trainers and detox teas. It's especially depressing because they mention the celebs who are selling them as if they got a Read more

11:28 AM

As much as I don’t wanna barge in on anyone’s hustle, something legitimately needs to be done about this. This kind of advertising is so ridiculously potent it is frightening. Everyone from lower tier E! celebs to your popular YouTube beauty/lifestyle vloggers are being paid to shill snake oil of all varieties. Unlike Read more

9:51 AM

I imagine most people forced into engaging in this grotesque sideshow would be spending what’s barely pocket change to funeral service providers. I’m sure they’d rather use their resources and effort on actual living people who’ve passed on, whose families will spend more money, instead of this waste of time.

3:24 PM

If you ever do watch it, pretend it is an entirely separate mini-series that has nothing to do with the real show. It is the only way to get through it. I don’t know what John Goodman did to Roseanne to get “Dan is a cheating scumbag!” then “NO HAHA DAN IS ACTUALLY DEAD AS FUCK!”