Master Turkey
9:55 AM

I don’t care if they recline back to the point where they are curled up in my lap. Just don’t do disgusting shit like take off your shoes, change baby diapers in the main cabin (on the tray, no less!), or clip nails.

5:53 PM

I never really got the whole “stand in line to meet X” thing. Movie stars, Band members, Twitch Streamers, etc.

Why spend a little less then two hours wait to get your picture taken with a person who in five minutes won’t remember who you are and whom you might get to say one line too? It just seems the most Read more

7:41 PM

Yeah, I think this one is a much more clear-cut case than Emuparadise. This site wasn’t “preserving” anything, and considering it was also offering pirated movies and ebooks, it was bound to be shut down eventually regardless of Nintendo’s involvement. If it wasn’t Nintendo, it would’ve been Disney or Warner Bros. or Read more

5:42 PM

To be fair, when you have as many people subscribed to you as Felix does you’re bound to have a loud, vocal minority of people that are just awful. Read more

7:59 PM

This is why I ref 10 and under at my local Y. Ejections. Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels like ejecting the little punk when he looks at you wrong. Raise an eyebrow, you’re gone son. Dad screaming bloody murder from the sideline, take a walk kid. Someone has got to teach these kids a lesson. Sometimes life is cruel, Read more

7:32 PM

Having never been touched like that by a woman before, it was all he could do to prematurely eject her.

5:39 PM

Seeing that click-bait ass thumbnail was enough for me to skip over the whole thing. 

4:02 PM

Not to mention the fact that he’s an ex-Mercedes dealer tech. So while he’s not specifically a BMW expert, he’s a hell of a lot more knowledgeable, and better equipped with tools/lifts/etc. than pretty much any average Joe Shadetree. 

3:10 PM

Owner did work themselves not factoring in their own labor costs, overhead, equipment costs, tools, and also did not sell parts to himself for a profit. Oh yeah, and no worker’s comp, insurance, or other things required to run a business does job for far less. Read more