Master Turkey
Feb 16

Few people know this, but Dr. Robotnik is actually really into alien fart p0rn.

Dec 13

Drizzt was an unlockable character in the first or second title. I’m very pleased I can choose him right out the gate. Even better, it’s a game centered around his character. If I don’t get battle cat though I’m ragging!

Sep 22

I see someone stole my Westworld idea but just did a better job. Kudos. I’ll take partial points please. Send my winnings to 123 GTFO ave.

Jul 24

We’ve had more issues with Door Dash than any other delivery service. More than 3 times we’ve had someone lie about delivering food. This causes us to have to call Customer Service and they then leave you on hold and more often than not disconnect the phone call, causing you to have to call back. In lower income Read more

Jul 23

“pro” FPS using a controller with auto-aim? This seems like an oxymoron to me, someone convince me I’m incorrect.

Jul 21

$2,152 raised” and then completed (closed). At least he got a nice TV or something worth 2k out of it.