VR support you say? I bought a PSVR mostly for Ace Combat’s VR mode, so I’m all about that. I wish we’d gotten more information about how it actually plays, but I guess that’s coming in a couple days. Can’t expect a full on X-wing/TIE Fighter ‘sim’ style, but hopefully there are some nods to that rather than just full Read more

It’s Chad.  It’s definitely Chad!  You can’t top Chad!!! (white women here) Read more

But does it play All-Star the entire time he’s chasing you?
These are critical details that cannot be overlooked.  Read more

Kiteman is like the best followed by Bane. Read more

Those were my favourites too. The way Thanos is taken back by his hit having no effect but Carol just smirks. He underestimated her and it was so funny. Read more

I don’t think Squall is unlikable. I mean, think about who he is. He is an orphan who was twice abandoned, who lost a lot of memories as he spent his entire life training to be a mercenary (which wasn’t really a choice). Has to deal with incompetent leaders, gets huge amounts of responsibility dumped on him without Read more

They should’ve made him look toward the camera and gave a wink.  Read more

I love the design so much because of Robotech. Read more

Haha can’t wait for all the blood and gore of MK 11! Read more

you mean muting the best accent in the game? never!
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FIFA: The Journey looks crazy.

Ant-Man stole the spotlight that Marvel hoped would be on Spider-Man. He was so good. It made me want to watch Ant-Man again until the rush went away and I remembered that it was pretty boring. Here’s hoping the sequel is better. Read more

I'm just wondering if somewhere there's a guy with a story about buying cheap softcore porn and finding out it was actually X-men Legends.
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The idea that things start very normal and then slowly go bizarre and frightening was done in a game from forever ago. I think it was quite effective given the system limitations back in the day. The whole time you’re playing you have to piece together whether you’re just slowly going insane or if something horrifying

As my dad would say, “It’s a movie, Tina.” Read more