Master Cylinder
Oct 20 2017

Trax is on that particular list as well I highlighted. Personally I just want all pointless high-seating position pseudo-SUV-which-can’t -do what-it-looks-like-can-do things to be gone from this world, because low slung two seater sports car can’t see over them. Read more

Oct 12 2017

Are new cars objectively “better” than old cars? Yes. However, I have a 2013 BMW, a ‘66 GMC and a ‘73 Honda motorcycle sitting in my stable. Will the BMW still be on the road in fifty years? Not a fucking chance.

Sep 22 2017

Yo dawg, I heard you liked Rangers so I put a ranger in your Ranger

Sep 7 2017

It really depends on the nature of the apocalypse, and what you’re trying to do.

Sep 6 2017

TBH though I would probably stay at home and not be mobile if I could help it. Easier to defend and keep supplies. This would probably be the best vehicle:

Aug 29 2017
New Watch

I got this Citizen Eco-Drive and put a Gulf strap on it to match the car. Looks pretty good I think!

Aug 28 2017

Meh. Every state would do the same thing. There have been multiple disasters and everyone picks up and rebuild. Has nothing to do with Texas. I cannot stand people who think their state is somehow better than everyone else’s it’s so asinine. Texans and New Yorkers might be the two worst about it.

Aug 21 2017

Does the white walker dragon shoot fire or ice is what I want to find out.