Master Cylinder
May 19 2017

I was driving back to work after lunch today and there was a work crew blocking the left lane, cutting down some

Mar 8 2017
Renting Cars in France?

I’ll be in Paris next week for vacation and I’m thinking of trying to rent a car I wouldn’t be able to drive here in

Aug 29 2016
Fly-and-drive logistics?

I may be in the position soon to add another car to my fleet, and I’ve been thinking of doing a fly-and-drive. I

Mar 22 2016
Can't Decide!

So, as many of you may already know, I am the owner of a 1987 944S. It’s got a bajillion miles on it and I’ve put a

Mar 11 2016

I have been seeing a lot of posts from other Opponauts about their two-wheeled rides and it seems there are a lot

Mar 11 2016
More Work = More Play?

So my old boss contacted me recently to see if I am interested in working for him on a part-time basis to help him

Mar 9 2016
It's 71 degrees out

And 82 here in my ancient, shitty office building. Why am I still here and not out riding my motorcycle or driving

Mar 2 2016

This is (apparently) a C3 Corvette with some kind of body kit, spotted near work. The pic isn’t great but maybe

Feb 28 2016
Today, my 20s ended.

I am now officially 30. I plan to spend all day in the garage with a case of beer and my tools, pretending this

Feb 19 2016
Engine Dimensions?

I have been looking all over the internet for these dimensions and have come across probably half a dozen instances

Jan 23 2016
Sat in an Elio at NAIAS

So the wife and I went down to NAIAS this morning to have a gander at all the cars and trucks on display. I was