Mask of Winkers
Jan 12

“Hey how about we use some immense wealth to solve the hunger crisis, ending homelessness, or stopping climate change?” Read more

Jan 3

Which is sad because comedy aside, it felt more like Star Trek:TNG than Discovery or Picard did.

Nov 26

Well, nobody’s saying it would hold up under legal scrutiny. But with WWE’s resources, that would be an uphill battle for any talent who tried to fight it in court. Read more

Nov 25

I'm from the Commonwealth. Do I have your permission to criticize the Royal Family that engineered the exploitation of my people? 

Oct 27

As a completely boring human in real life, let me tell you, it makes me feel very good that people would sooner romance me than someone trying hard to be an interesting character.

Oct 26

Oh no, that’s in there. Aeschylus is one of the anonymous shades in Hades complaining about his cause of death.

Oct 26

Oscar Isaac isn’t exactly a megastar. He’s been in big movies but he’s never led anything major on his own. He’s always part of an ensemble cast. Furthermore, a lot of his filmography does lend itself to the idea he is kind of a nerd and at least enjoying being in genre style content. Read more

Sep 2

Funniest part of an incredibly clunky scene. “Here are my students and the codenames they use as part of a paramilitary unit.”

Sep 2

Sadly, I think it’s safe to assume that if they didn’t bother to animate the wheels on her wheelchair, they’re not planning for her to be anything but window dressing.
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Aug 19

I’ve never nor will I ever play Eve Online, but I absolutely love it. I read articles about it, watch videos explaining what it’s about and what’s happening, all with a childlike glee that one would expect from a 2yo if you read him a Jack Kerouac novel: I have no idea what is going on, and most the words make no Read more

Aug 6

I think they are trying to copy Wired’s layout, which is horrendous to begin with. Stuff is all over the place, it makes it near impossible to just go and find new articles.
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