Mask of Winkers
Apr 12

Absolutely this. It’s clear he’s just saying it’s an example of the genre. Any new genre it may have spawned, like: “Cyborg clone of yer dead ma or maybe god or something, I dunno” doesn’t really set it apart in any useful way.

Apr 12

“How can you call this a Spaghetti Western if there isn’t any spaghetti in the movie at all? And there’s no way that’s a Space Opera, no one sang!”

Apr 1

Consider it a fair warning, now you don’t risk being unexpectedly exposed to Logan Paul

Mar 31

I mean as whether its a lady foot, tentacle or insect leg stepping on my balls.  As long as its towering over me and telling me I am a maggot it works.

Mar 31

If you can’t handle Dimitrescu at her monster form, you don’t deserve her at her mommymilker form

Mar 30

Hub quests are scaled up for 4 people to take them on, next time when doing hub quests try starting the quest with the start with join requests. This will allow other players to be able to randomly join you quest. Read more

Mar 25

Hot take for all you Gamestonks people, Fils-Aime was never going to be all that impactful as a board member. The guys has a great history from an operations standpoint, and if his role was even as a C suite executive, he could have made some real changes there. But not as a board member.

Mar 7

Apparently Gaiman has returned to New Zealand and the family is together again. Gaiman hasn’t explained last spring’s break and flight to Scotland, but I suspect it had something to do with the stress of being trapped in a house with a shrieking toddler and his five-year-old son.

Mar 3

This is also HORRIBLE for the environment. With CryptoArt on Ethereum a single transaction can use the energy equivalent to a person living in Europe for a year. This runs on a different blockchain, but I would guess it is also quite wasteful. Great way to ruin any efforts you’ve made to be sustainable this year. Read more

Feb 26

March 2 is correct. The header on PS is using the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Feb 11

Saying the boardgame market is niche in 2021 is silly. Boardgames are huge business. Dedicated stores selling them are on the rise. Walmart and Target are stocking the most popular “Gamer” games in stores now. Read more

Feb 8

“Nowhere in the rules does it specifically say that a dog can’t play basketball.”