Mask of Winkers
Jun 12

Origins and Odyssey are amazing RPGs, but bad Assassin’s Creed games. The first time I perched on top of a base and studied the enemy patrols for my ideal take-down route, and dropped down on the first guy.....only to have him take like half damage or whatever, and alert the entire base, I knew this was no longer Read more

Jun 2

The wild area was by far and away the best part of this game though. 

Jun 1

My wife said she likes the name Huxley. My response: “Good thing we’re not having any more kids, then!”

May 27

Same, I’m wondering whether the “MK11: Aftermath Kollection” being sold on PSN is MK11's equivalent to the “Komplete Edition” of past titles or if there’s more DLC to come. Regardless, I’m happy to see story content being added, as that’s more appealing than paying $20-30 for additional kharacters and kostumes that Read more

May 14

That’s weird, because so many gamer bros online have insisted that fixing bugs is a simple backspace-and-replace, and that the only reason that bugs don’t get fixed is because those devs who work 70 hours a week for years on a game are lazy. Read more

Apr 16

“I’m glad to invite Twitch stream viewers or Twitter followers to explore the island and meet up.” Read more

Apr 15

I think ultimately, the game wasn’t designed for what you want it to do, maybe for technical reasons, maybe not. I don’t find it a “strange decision”. Maybe they wanted it to be more intimate, or maybe a technical limitation. It’s not really Second Life. 

Apr 14

Everyone I know with kids is just a gelatinous blob of misery and stress. 

Apr 13

Go to “Calendar” in Teams, and in the top-right click “Meet now”.

Apr 8

And places that could fit perfectly in any adventure game like the Ritual Fortress of Sacsayhuamán. Great people too (hi there!) Read more

Apr 8

Saudis are so great with their money. Billions on WeWork. Billions on cruise lines *now*. Wasn’t there a story here about a western woman who works as a driver for Saudi women and she had to teach them about the idea of ‘getting change back’ after buying something at a store? Like these Saudi princesses would buy a Read more

Sep 9

According to the ongoing legal kerfuffle, it was a “barely legal” “magician” who made a lot of liquid appear.

Sep 9

“And for my next trick, I’ll make underage nudes appear on this thumb drive.”