Jul 5 2017

The good Christian followers of Trump would call the Ten Commandments subversive liberal propaganda if Tweeted out one at a time.

Jun 5 2017

This seems like a really fundamental problem with healthcare that NO one seems to want to discuss. All these free market hawks don’t seem to want to understand or admit that the healthcare industry doesn’t exist in a free market and isn’t subject to free market pressures. They can essentially “tax” the working public Read more

May 30 2017

If it remains over the counter for more than four hours, congratulations, and consult a physician.

May 25 2017

I wonder what it must be like to live life with such a mindset that you see a detailed report that 22 Senators are sending a letter to the president, today, with a list of names of said Senators and long quotes from said letter, and not only think to yourself but feel obligated to tell the world that you believe none Read more

May 24 2017

Racist white men are the most fragile, scared and sensitive people in the country, which I think has a lot to do with these fits and power trips. Read more

May 15 2017

Well, according to every other commenter here, I am apparently a complete moron because I actually found this funny and entertaining. Read more

Apr 25 2017

They should just make Axanar official and collect the ad revenue from YouTube. THEY DON’T EVEN NEED TO PAY THEM.

Apr 11 2017

The current going rate is 330x the average annual salary of their employees. I gotta say, Beezelbub has really been giving away the farm since the Reagan administration.

Apr 11 2017

That letter reads like it’s coming from someone who long since stopped seeing passengers as customers, or even real people, and instead as just some random piece of cargo to maximize profit off of hauling around the country.

Apr 10 2017

United should have just gotten a rental car for their employees that needed to get to Louisville for the next day. It’s a 4.5-5.5 hour drive according to Google maps.

Apr 5 2017

I think this is pretty spot-on and is something I’ve been saying to folks for years now. It really hit home to me in the closing weeks of the 2012 election during the peak of the “unskew the polls” phenomenon. The rubes were eating this shit up as usual, but then it became obvious that plenty of actual power players Read more

Mar 25 2017

The answer, as always, is ‘more.’ Things can always get more ridiculous. And the big corporate nation states are aggressively pushing us back to the fiefdom ages of old. Carve out their own private corner of the world and everyone becomes indentured servants of whatever that corporation wants. They don’t want Read more