8/04/17 7:03AM

I’m what’s known as a stone former. I had 12 removed from a kidney a year ago. They leave ths big long stent in place after the surgery, which was no biggie...until a week later when they pulled it out—no anesthesia. Oh and I had my first kidney stone pain *while* I was in labor with my second child at the age of 29. Read more

7/23/17 2:55PM

He thinks that by refusing to admit it was the Russians, he can defend himself against future charges of treason. You see, any meetings his people had with Russia during the campaign about sanctions relief, once Trump was briefed about the cyber warfare, is the very definition of treason: offering aid to the enemy in Read more

7/05/17 9:08AM

The dummies have taken over this country. And they’re happy to see it undermined by one of their own. “As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s Read more

4/11/17 8:35AM

Corporate fascism here in the United Corporations of America.

3/23/17 9:27AM

Her site is KITTENFEED.COM. She abandoned the trump scratch site when trump threatened her. Obviously porn scum capitalized on the publicity and claimed the site after the story hit. Can you not read?

12/29/16 4:41PM

A boy who sat behind me in high school would shove my chair almost every day when I was trying to sit down with my armload of books. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned around and shoved all of his books onto the floor. There was an oooOOOOoooo from the other kids, and the teacher said nothing. He never did Read more

12/06/16 8:18PM

Penny wise, pound foolish. Unwanted children cost society a great deal more than the pill. Get it?

8/09/16 6:08PM

Scotch. Bring some home, and mix it with some Scotch. Mmmm.

10/20/15 1:25PM

I think it’s because of the placenta difference in humans. If there is an unsuccessful fetus in there that only partially attached and was dying, it might somehow infect the mother’s bloodstream. So out everything goes.

10/18/15 9:51AM

SG-1 frequently ripped off Star Trek episodes. Are not all stories influenced by previous stories to some extent?

7/16/15 10:21AM

Did you try asking Siri what zero divided by zero is yet? Cute.

7/10/15 1:04PM

I never got into a fistfight kind of fight, but there was a boy who sat behind me freshman year who thought it was hilarious to move my chair around with his feet while I was trying to sin down in it. After a few months of this I’d had enough, so I turned around and shoved his large pile of books into his lap. He Read more

6/04/15 4:37PM

This poor baby was bullied at school and apparently by her own father. What a sad existence she must have had. Nowhere to go for comfort.