Today 8:52AM

“I’ve always been a Republican, but I have never been a politician,” he said on an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. “But you know, God came knocking on my door last summer disguised as an angry mob, and it really did wake me up.” Read more

Saturday 6:16PM

Just want to point out that as per Catholicism's position on original sin, the unborn are technically not innocent, since they haven't been baptized yet.

Saturday 5:29PM

Would love to see Biden visit the Vatican and receive communion from Francis just to piss off these hypocrites.

Friday 5:30PM

Biden is doing exactly what he should: not allowing his beliefs, whatever they may be (and we have no idea about his personal stance ) to influence public policy of the government he was elected to run.

Tuesday 2:20PM

Agree. I think as well the article seeming to offer scientists a carte blanche seems somewhat strange. Look - I’m a scientist and I think science has made the world a better place, but scientists are also human, and some of them can be reckless, and some (all?) governments can also be reckless. Read more

6/15/21 7:18AM

I rarely wish bad things on anybody but the world will be better off when Mitch McConnell is no longer in it. Read more

6/10/21 6:07PM

It feels like there are dueling narratives here and one has overtaken the other. The first, which is definitely true, is that Hill was a victim of revenge porn and other abuse from her former partner. The second, which seems to have gotten lost beneath the weight of the first narrative, is that Hill was accused of Read more

6/08/21 10:03AM

It’s kind of an old-timey word for effiminate... In the context I’ve usually seen it, I wouldn’t have thought of it as homophobic, but times change, I guess.

6/07/21 3:50PM

That’s probably the best apology of its genre I’ve seen and certainly comes across as sincere. Good on her. Read more

6/04/21 2:12PM

It definitely helps his chances.  And Facebook itself was an enormous megaphone for disinformation and its clear he knows how to use it.  They should have just banned him indefinitely and been done with it.

6/04/21 10:47AM

I’ve been unemployed since March 2020 when Broadway shut down. My savings have dwindled because I still have bills to pay and any extra cash, I threw to student loans to help pay them down while they weren’t incurring interest. All that’s to say: I would kill to be yelled at on a movie set by a known crazy person if Read more

6/03/21 9:34AM

I don’t remember anyone lionizing Don Draper. He was an asshole. He did terrible things. Even when he tried to be good, he just couldn’t. But eventually we learned a little about his childhood, and what made him what he was. Read more

5/31/21 8:14PM

Try to overthrow your government in the winter. Feel sad about soldiers in the summer.

5/28/21 5:33PM

I feel like this was glossed over a bit. I never saw the movie so I am not sure if she is even in it (for all I know her role ended up on the cutting room floor). But it makes me feel weird if she goes to the producers with a serious problem, they bribe her with a bigger role and she takes it. How do you claim the Read more