6/08/21 1:27PM

Fey is not a homophobic slur. Webster’s defines it as: excessively refined, precious (e.g. a fey, self-indulgent dandy). I’ve met plenty of straight people who were self indulgent and precious, and plenty of gay men who weren’t.

6/04/21 8:31AM

So it’s not okay to get clicks by writing about how Kate Winslet’s body shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is okay to get clicks by writing about people writing about Kate Winslet’s body?  Very nuanced...

6/03/21 1:01PM

Don’t watch it if you don’t want to but this take lazy and dead wrong. This show was about the women, not the men. If you are talking to men who think Don Draper is some kind of hero, that’s on you for hanging out with assholes.  Way to let someone else do the critical thinking for you.

5/26/21 10:55AM

“Yi said that the film’s producers—including Rogen, who she named as an enabler—tried to bribe her to stay with a bigger role

Didn’t they successfully bribe her? I thought she took the money and the role, and now, after the check cleared, is attempting to claim the moral high ground too. Franco is the unequivocal bad Read more

5/25/21 8:51AM

We already know that half of our fellow citizens are selfish, childish assholes.  If this is what it takes for them to get vaccinated, I’m fine with it.

5/20/21 10:45PM

You are correct. Bohemia is from Mexico. I think I was thinking of Pilsen. (That trip was a little drinky...)

5/20/21 2:00PM

I would include Imperial ( and Bohemia, if you can find it) from Costa Rica, and Presidente from the Dominican Republic. Both are excellent light and fizzy beach beers.

5/17/21 12:42PM

Also, what’s with the picture of the guy at the top of the article. He’s identified as the CEO in the caption but then not mentioned in the article itself. Was he directly involved or is he implicated because he was at the helm when this all happened? There is a lack of detail and context to this story which is Read more

5/13/21 1:02PM

Yup. I’m just finishing In the Garden of the Beast by Eric Larson. It’s about the US ambassador to Germany in the mid 30's (and his daughter). I’m struck by how the efficiency of Hitler’s rise to power seems so methodical in retrospect, but in reality it was a just combination of brutality, persistence, dumb luck, and Read more

5/11/21 4:21PM

She alleged that Rogen “bribed” her with a bigger role and heftier paycheck after she threatened to quit their 2017 film The Disaster Artist over the first wave of sexual misconduct allegations against Franco.” Read more

5/10/21 1:33PM

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a nine year old with a gun.  It’s common sense, you lib-sharts.

4/29/21 8:29AM

I had a run in with a dogmatic, conservative parish priest in my neighborhood, and he was full of bluster but shut the fuck up quickly when called out face to face on his nonsense. Read more

4/28/21 1:09PM

Agreed. It’s been on such a steady decline for so long. It’s a shame because for a long time I found this site to be very helpful in hearing perspectives that I might not hear anywhere else, and it really opened my eyes on a number of issues.  It was fun and insightful. Read more