Mar 19

I would agree with you but the advent of rearview cameras make it too easy to ensure your hitch, or even your bumper, don’t hang over the curb to intrude on the sidewalk.  If the vehicle isn’t equipped with a camera, that doesn’t excuse poor behavior. Read more

Mar 19

Aside from the mess of all the rednecks and MAGA turds not being able to back their bro-dozers into a parking space accurately, and taking 3 tries to get it even close, and then banging their door into my car because they’re simple-minded morons who can’t be bothered to pay any attention to what the fuck they’re Read more

Mar 9

20 miles away from this on the other side of Denver is Bandimere Speedway, where they’ve run a weekly test & tune night for decades, something like $40 to run as many passes as you can get in.

Feb 25

Okay it's obvious the lens they used stretched the photo but the question is why? It looks like absolute dog shit...

Feb 24

Biden promised $2,000 checks. Nobody’s gotten $2,000 checks. Seems like Luke understands this plenty well.

Feb 9

The controller that came with my PS4 worked great, but after hundreds of hours of Destiny it eventually started to fail. So I ended up buying a brand new controller and it had occasional drift right out of the box. I bought a second controller and it was even worse. I would have taken the controllers back, but then Read more

Feb 7

German engineers: why use one part when six will do? And lets make it out of plastic even though it sits right next to the exhaust manifold, too.

Jan 23

That dash is awesome. I would love see a modified version in an EV.

Jan 13

Looks like this may be central to the movie, but I do wonder/worry what it does to folks who internalize stories and entertainment that suggests the world is broken up into “real people” and “NPCs”. Feels like a lot of lack of empathy is born out of this ideology. 

Dec 16

So much this. It’s okay but the aventador J is much cleaner. Honestly the J is the only aventador special edition I like compared to the other...monstrosities.

Dec 11

Just to be clear: The Developed World needs to just have open borders, full stop. A transparent, well-regulated immigrant system where we know where everybody is and what they’re doing would be far safer, cheaper, and more effective than forcing people to roll the dice on a leaky boat or a hike through the worst Read more

Oct 7

The internet is strange. Imagine going to lunch with someone who brings their friend. That friend (a stranger to you) happens to be a writer. You’re interested. This friend asks if you’d like to read their newest article. You read it. Imagine bringing out this typo in the way the OP did. It would be really mean and Read more

Sep 29

I know you’re just being funny and all (and hey, I write fiction about simulation theories!) but losing empathy for people and not understanding why they do things that don’t make sense to you is a Bad Thing.

Sep 11

I love reading an article about some sort of innovative technology and then having to search elsewhere for info on how it actually works. Read more