Jan 22

My old 1988 Mazda 323 GTX had a similar feature on the optional ‘digital dash’. Below the fuel gauge there’s a button labeled “SCALE CHANGE”. Press it, and the fuel gauge would switch to showing the last 1/4 tank across the full LCD display. So when you get down to the last two bars on the gauge, you can press the

Nov 13 2019

Can’t stop playing it. I’m 50 hours in since Friday evening. No, I don’t have many responsibilities. 

Aug 23 2019

Thought experiment: Forget the FD RX-7 ever existed. How do you think the Mazda RX-8 compares to the rest of the sports car offerings from other manufacturers in 2003? Only the S2000 tops it in my mind. 

Aug 23 2019

This was also the era when corporate grilles and design languages started to take over the industry. All Mazdas from this time period had the large wheel arches and sorta-goofy smile. Blame corporate who mandated all their cars look the same, not the designers who had to work within those constraints.

Aug 23 2019

Mazda was planning on releasing a turbocharged rotary Mazdaspeed RX-8 but then thought better of it and decided not to waste a bunch of money.

Aug 23 2019

These aren’t my RX-8s, but I’m glad I’m able to photograph them being driven hard on a racetrack. It may not be as elegant as the FD’s design, but it certainly isn’t an ugly car.

Jul 19 2019

I guarantee this color will be discontinued after the first 1-2 model years, just like they did with the best C7 color, Lime Rock Green.

Jul 14 2019

Endurance racers have 12x more time on the track (in a 24h race) to make passes happen than in F1. WEC also has MANDATORY MINIMUM pit stop times. WEC pit stops are leisurely because everyone involved is running on fumes and not rushing to complete a pit stop in the absolute least amount of time prevents mistakes from Read more

Jun 14 2019

Not every single junction is manned. Dim-witted locals will drive around/through gates if someone isn’t there to stand in front of their car and stop them.

Jun 5 2019
23 mean like the Nordschleife, where F1 races were held for many years?

Oct 18 2018

As someone who really enjoyed Gwent in Witcher 3, especially the deck crafting and interplay between the three rows on each side, I’m wondering if this delivers a similar feeling? Or is it an evolved, different Gwent because of these changes you talked about? I haven’t played any of the standalone Gwent game.

Jun 18 2018

Yeah, because no one ever made a simplistic illustration of a lens aperture before Valve did in 2007. Read more

May 2 2018

Please tell me there will be a follow-up post with more photos of concepts, non-released cars like that Mazdaspeed RX-8, and the wonderful little 323 GTX beside the GLC. Read more

Mar 8 2018

Uhh, can we please get some more info on that Mazda TD-R in the lede photo? As a self-proclaimed Mazda nut I have never heard of this. The only info I can find on it seems to point to it having the drivetrain from the 323 GTX, but it seems to have electronically-adjustable suspension? Full article please!

Feb 13 2018

The strongest memory I’ll ever have of a V10 TDI Touareg was driving up Pikes Peak a few years back to spectate the hillclimb. I was in my 1988 Mazda 323 GTX behind one of these V10s and it was just leisurely climbing up Pikes’ ridiculous grades at pretty low speeds thanks to its massive torque at all of 2000 rpm. Read more