Feb 4 2016

I would have an opinion on the tampon, but I don’t really care what the box or packaging looks like. Just stop making scented ones, tampon companies. FFS.

Feb 3 2016

i liked this means war.... but i know that i’m the only one.

Feb 2 2016

“She’s really fucking busy” = “We didn’t even try because we can’t fucking afford her.”

Feb 1 2016

Your comment made me go google “Thot-dot.” my vocabulary has been expanded. All praises to you.

Feb 1 2016

She would absolutely evaluate each one before she threw it, and leave behind the ones she thought weren’t worth smashing. Like "this is such an awful plate I'm not even going to throw it, I'm going to leave it here so you can think about what you have done."

Feb 1 2016

Anyone who would drive 26 hours to go get someone who was just arrested is either very much in love, or just had their sexual mind blown wide open. Either way, this is just too awesome.

Feb 1 2016

I don’t know what the fuck Michael Jackson thought he was watching, because Prince doesn’t mess up. Prince is magical and Michael was obviously insane.

Jan 31 2016

You guys, I just told my dude that this was happening, and he was all like “I’ve never actually seen Grease.” Read more

Jan 31 2016

I’m not sure if this is the right spot for a review of “Making a Murderer”

Jan 29 2016

Ever see her in Six Degrees of Separation? Love it! Love her!