TwoFairy only leaves a dollar not two
Jun 12

Either postpone everything to when there’s a reliable vaccine, or put it on TV now. Like, all of it. NOW.

Jun 10

Counterpoint: fuck that. I have some family friends who are in their 80s, and the first thing they said to me and my partner when they found out one of our colleagues was transitioning was, “so, you mentioned that ‘she’ is actually ‘he’? We’d like to meet him, because around here we don’t get to learn much about trans Read more

Jun 8

The Harry Potter series was a big part of my formative years. As a Black man, I always saw the anti-pureblood message in the books as very positive from a racial standpoint, but then I remembered that people can be open minded about one subject, and completely ignorant and bigoted on another. I completely agree with Read more

May 1

I feel like Lou Grant. “You’ve got SPUMC. I hate SPUMC.”

Apr 23

My favorite Garak bit is when Bashir tells him the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Garak’s big takeaway is that you should never tell the same lie twice. A perfect encapsulation of his thinking early in the series that he remains committed to throughout.

Apr 6

Ha ha ha! I saw this one polo-shirt-wearing snap-back-hat jerk stretching out with his WTF-iron and I said to myself, “Self, what would a busy-body white lady do in this instance?” and I pulled out the old cell phone and called the po po

Mar 31

Since this seems like the perfect forum for a pedantic Star Trek argument, I’m going to have to say you are incorrect. The “spandex” uniforms from the early seasons were single piece jumpsuits, so there was no adjusting them. The Picard Maneuver only came into being once they introduced the two piece uniforms, which Read more

Mar 31

Everybody knows that the Picard Maneuver is the way they all had to keep adjusting those spandex uniforms from TNG S1.

Feb 29

Yep Kahn was Kirks reckoning. Same situation too, he quick fixed the situation with Kahn by sending him off to his own planet and never came back not caring if they would live and die. Read more

Feb 28

I thought that too.  But I think he came to terms with how wrong it was during his Captain Ahab monologue, when Lily brought up the crewman/Borg he killed.  He realized then that he had rage which blinded his actions.

Feb 28

His ego is finally catching up to him. His entire career in Starfleets basically been full of his getting praise and getting away with figurative and literal murder.... And now long after he passed his expiration date it’s catching up. His promises are being seen as false, his quick fixes are falling apart and his Read more

Feb 28

I know we only have room for so much trauma, but one thing I did wish this episode addressed was a moment in First Contact when Picard comes across an Enterprise-E crewman begging for help as Borg technology begins assimilating his body; Picard, believing he was saving the crewman from a fate worse than death, kills Read more

Feb 27

Yup - and that’s why I really loved Lily Sloane in First Contact calling Picard on his bullshit. Not just for being condescending to the primitives, but trying to bluster and bullshit his way around his downright sadistic desire for revenge - no matter who dies in the process.
Read more

Feb 27

I thought it was just Picard that was being tough on her? Worf gave her that test that she called unfair and got her to go and confront the Captain — not something a lot of people would do. Read more