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Mar 15

Use of the word “shall” is common in regulatory guidelines and is used to indicate a firm requirement.  Whereas the word “should” indicates a recommendation or suggestion.

Mar 5

Cause it’s not a road bike ;) It’s a hardtail hybrid with flat bars.

Feb 27

Elizabeth do tell us about the pulitzers you’ve won. How about your anonymous friend. What’s he done besides being anonymous? We’re a NY based manufacture. We have a factory in CT where we produce fully road legal vehicles. We’re expanding that factory to meet demand which has grown to about 300 cars a year/msrp $ Read more

Feb 10

And in some states, it’s even more confusing, eg CT. Technically, it’s a 2-party state, but per you CAN record because, “to bring a claim under the Wiretap Act, the offender must intercept with tortious intent that relates to a tort independent from the act of Read more

Dec 18

Nothing like an aviation article to bring out all the armchair experts on aircraft systems and manufacturing. I just had to love this sentence though “With weak regulations that favor private companies over people’s lives, of course...”. have no idea. spend, I don’t know... 20-25 years in aerospace ranging Read more

Nov 19

Hey, lets spread unfounded fear and panic for CLICKS!!!!

or... educate your fucking self and then make an effort to educate your readers.

this plane has been under more scrutiny, stem to stern, than any aircraft in the last 30 years. the software changes have been examined in an unprecedented level of detail.

the plane Read more

Nov 18

Fuck Boeing for their shitshow of a development and certifying process for this plane. They should’ve replaced it with a clean-sheet design a while back, and the executives at Boeing and the FAA deserve much more financial ruin than they’ve experienced.
Read more

Oct 9

Now that Andrew is leaving I’m 1 Torchinsky and 1 Tracy away from never visiting this site again

Aug 19

Yup, the charging infrastructure problem is huge. Then again, if you had to build out our current gasoline refueling infrastructure from scratch I bet that would look extremely daunting as well. Just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep working on it, although it does mean we should probably work a Read more

Jun 18

Again, low gearing increases off the line speed and should be a benefit here.
You can try that out yourself by pulling away in 2nd or 3rd gear rather than 1st gear.
Engine torque is irrelevant, because torque just gets multiplied by the gearbox. The only thing torque means, is how fast it spins for a given amount of Read more

Jun 16

This may have more to do with killing off the Oakville plant, since it has already lost 2 of the 3 vehicles produced there. A 2 row version of Explorer should absorb most of the prospective Edge buyers.