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6/09/21 8:50PM

This has been around for a while, and it took me a long time to wrap my head around the physics of it. Read more

6/07/21 11:19AM

They likely would’ve gone out of business. Their over promising is what got them all the investor funding they got.

6/05/21 5:50PM

Turn the lights off in the Tunnel, but allow the TV cameras to have night vision in there so we can see the action.

6/05/21 4:19PM

Keep it like this and accept the fact that this one race has its place in the championship for history, glory, glamour, for the black and white images from the 50s and 60s.
Because it is a weird and out of time show that embodies the essence of what F1 was and is, and what remains of its mix of poshness and Read more

5/26/21 5:26PM

The fact that they are only pulling it off the 3 and Y but leaving it on the more expensive S and X tells me that this is all about cost engineering. They are (probably) about to lose their billions in carbon-offset credits as Stellantis integrates FCA, and they need to make a profit from actual car sales. Since they Read more

5/25/21 6:17PM

A name like that is just -begging- for a paint by numbers version...

5/12/21 5:24PM

I’m not reading buzzfeed for a reason. I probably should apply that same lesson to Jalopnik.

5/07/21 11:31AM

Did you and Jason have to flip a coin to decide which of you would get to write this Tesla hit piece? Read more

5/06/21 9:05AM

I see a lot of comments assuming this means they are eliminating cheaper models. This is NOT what they are saying. They are saying that they will adjust inventories to match consumer demand. Read more

5/04/21 8:37PM

The biggest issue to me, aside from the question of whether a subscription model is good or bad, is whether you can tell if your vest is working or not. Read more

4/28/21 4:31PM

it's Tesla,  the most likely explanation is that their compliance department is staffed by interns who don't know how to file the paperwork. Since every other car factory in California seems to  know how, Tesla's disdain for established industry practices is the most logical answer.

4/19/21 1:18PM

Looking forward to all the fanboys pointing to Jalopnik’s coverage of this crash as evidence the site is hopelessly biased against Grumman.

4/16/21 6:27PM

Idk, you have the beginning and end of Ford's D3 platform in that shot (Freestyle and Explorer). Also, you have the Mystique of a Bobcat attacking a Cougar wearing Capri pants, being rescued by a Maverick Villager.

3/15/21 3:25PM

Use of the word “shall” is common in regulatory guidelines and is used to indicate a firm requirement.  Whereas the word “should” indicates a recommendation or suggestion.

3/05/21 2:18PM

Cause it’s not a road bike ;) It’s a hardtail hybrid with flat bars.

2/27/21 4:15PM

Elizabeth do tell us about the pulitzers you’ve won. How about your anonymous friend. What’s he done besides being anonymous? We’re a NY based manufacture. We have a factory in CT where we produce fully road legal vehicles. We’re expanding that factory to meet demand which has grown to about 300 cars a year/msrp $ Read more