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Feb 25

I mean, it's a pretty standard statement for someone that loses a government contract? There are appeals and whatnot that are available as essentially forms of government oversight. Go find a Lockheed press release after losing a contract reward to Northrup Grumman or something like that, and it'll read pretty much Read more

Feb 10

There is the significant consideration that sometimes patents can spread novel ideas in a public forum that trade secrets avoid. So if you’re worried that simply telling the world that you have a way to do X will open up efforts to do X without use of the patent, it may be better off to just not tell people. Read more

Feb 2

This is what scares me about the whole thing of applying go fast and break stuff to transportation. It seems like a very Musk thing to do to get one successful flight, proclaim success, and subsequently kill a bunch of people by putting them on the next launch.

Jan 7

There’s a reason the focus is on kerosene. EV airliners will not happen beyond short range (like less than 1000mi) regional. Even with ideal battery performance the energy density is such that adding battery capacity beyond that takes more energy to fly around than you add to the pack. Hydrogen is possible, but very Read more

Jan 6

...and they were hiring a bit a few months back. Think they have a decent amount of military funding, which is promising for a start-up. Thought a bit about applying, but even a well-funded start-up is still a start-up, and that’s not enough stability for me.