Jan 8 2020

You can’t believe it because you’re privileged enough not to have to deal with the actual issues that the people who are made to wear these sorts of uniforms in real life have to deal with, and you’re also not empathetic enough to understand the perspective of another fellow human being, and how such a thing might Read more

Jun 12 2019

...why would they release, or even develop DLC for the last gen version of the game?

Jun 12 2019

“Not guilty” is not the same thing as “innocent,” for the record.

Jun 12 2019

Don't worry, they give a proper send off for Scooter in this game... damn side quest went and gave me feelings and such.

Mar 14 2019

Woman here. It’s not a “smaller number like 10%”. It’s way more. There are a lot of things that men just don’t see, because you haven’t ever been a woman.

Mar 14 2019

Right. It’s not that. And that stereotype misses the point about harassment.

Mar 13 2019

She’s not remotely ugly. She has her own unique style. I watched the final and she is an impressive good player. She manage to navigate and predicted well against a deck full of mono-blue deck counter. I think she was only handling the deck for 2 weeks. I think thats4 how i remember her interview.

Mar 11 2019

The joke’s on him when he has to reflect on the horror’s he’s participated in and tries to escape with his son by flying away only to have his son perish when his wings melt and he falls into the ocean.

Feb 20 2019

For all the stories of screamig, obnoxious or downright awful and racist people everyone runs into from time to time, it’s always nice to hear about a genuinely positive experience like this.

Feb 8 2019

As someone who doesn’t even play the game, you’re not impressing anyone with your “cool” derision. My money’s on you not being much older than 11. Probably 12, based on that oddly specific choice. 

Dec 17 2018

this is the epitome of white owned corporations stealing black culture appropriating and monetizing it.  this reminds me of the Twerking Santa figurine.  its disgusting.