10/15/18 11:50PM

If you’re both grown ups, it shouldn’t be a competition. People have pasts, and those paths include other people. One can care about an ex without being hung up on them. Read more

10/02/18 1:38AM

Did anyone else scroll down to this without looking closely and think it was a photo from Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding? Read more

9/27/18 3:51PM

Not to insinuate too deeply, but he strikes me as someone who’s a smarmy dick to his wife. Is it just me?

9/24/18 11:15PM

I hate seeing these women sitting in these interviews. This is his problem not hers. Read more

7/23/18 12:37AM

Man, this Russia shit must be really getting close. First he goes back to the old chestnut of the NFL, then he’s babbling about “your favorite president” (ha!), and now he’s back at “Fire & Fury!”, too, bless his heart. Read more

7/19/18 7:52PM

Based on the trailer, I am kind of excited to go to the movies with my girls and a bottle of vodka, if only to laugh really loud at “Roe v Wade” in all its morbid, hilarious insanity, until we get kicked out? Read more

7/08/18 4:25PM

but my wife is in contact with her old med school friends in Thailand, so we’re seeing a bigger picture. Read more

7/08/18 4:10PM

This is a stupid post. Please delete it, and delete your account, and stop using the internet, and go somewhere to think about your life.

7/08/18 3:31PM

This cave is a common tourist destination. I’ve been there. It usually isn’t a dangerous spot as long as it doesn’t flash flood, which it happened to do at an unfortunate time. It’s nobody’s “fault”. 

7/08/18 12:10PM

Chrissy is such a delight and that photo is precious. 

6/11/18 2:27PM

Most prominent newspaper in the world for now. The star of the NYT is fading fast. Michelle Wolf let them have it and it was glorious

5/15/18 11:50AM

I think it’s more of a reference to the fact that Diane Kruger is known for being a very sloppy drunk and often can be found closing down bars. Her not drinking is more suspicious than an average person not drinking.