6/27/18 6:56AM

This is so so sad.  No need to apologize about being angry.  Holy shit. Also from a stranger - RIP D

11/08/17 3:30AM

Wow. I am forwarding your reply to the sister who is subtly pressuring me to let him back in my life. THANKS. Also, I did not look at it from the perspective that my kids could eventually learn that“sneaky people who violate boundaries are okay”.
I know one day I will have to tell them the whole story and I dread that Read more

11/08/17 3:25AM

Thank you.
I know I did nothing wrong, but neither did my mother. It burns me up how much she continues to suffer. I know she misses Christmases together, trips to the beach together...etc. etc. But my children’s protection is the priority - you are right.

11/08/17 3:22AM

A lot of these replies have been thought provoking- but yours resonated the most with me. Thank you - truly!!!!

11/07/17 5:30AM

This hits close to home. My father (a former minor politician) was in prison 3 times (!!!) for the same thing. He says it’s an addiciton, his therapist says it’s an addicition, and my mom and 1 sister buy it hook, line and sinker.
My other sister and I haven’t had contact to him in years, but he’s trying to slink back Read more

8/28/17 5:03AM

Yes yes yes! I don’t think he is in love with Dany. I think he made an evil deal with cersei and he will FOR SURE regret it soon (maybe he already is). I will hate if Tyrion’s arch ends in him betraying Dany. But I think that’s where he is headed.

8/28/17 4:59AM

2 quick things:

1. I can’t stop thinking about how the conversation between Tyrion and Cersei concluded. We know Tyrion realized that Cersei was preggo - but what did he say to her to get her back to the negotiations? Did he promise to help her possibly defeat Dany, if Dany actually survives the fight against The Read more

8/16/17 7:08AM

Whenever I let out a loud sigh (often, these days) my 3 kids all ask “What is it with Trump this time?” I mostly just shake my head and hold back the anger. We’re in Germany, they are half American. Their classmates used to envy them and all their trips to visit my family. Now they are literally made fun of Read more

8/16/17 6:57AM

Our Lab “toddler” just turned 2 yesterday. We love him to death - really, we do! But WOW is he lots of work. I thought baby twins were hard (I was raising them single while they were aged 1 through 4 which was challenging to say the least) but doggo was even more of a challenge. The rewards though! So much love Read more

5/17/17 3:39AM

Comey wears a white hat. I can’t believe I believe that after he handed the election to Trump. I still cannot grasp why he came forward with the Hillary investigation and not the Trump one. Nevertheless, he’s a good guy and I may actually love him, if his memos bring down 45.

5/15/17 4:42AM

Oh my - I cannot believe you were HIT! Crazy!
My experience riding on subways - when I was pregnant with twins, no one bothered to give up their seats. And I was huuuuuge. However when I was on crutches, everyone was extremely nice and helpful and chatty. I got asked countless times what happened, and learned that Read more

5/10/17 6:15AM

I’ve gained so much weight too! I JUST started fucking fasting (which includes no alcohol DAMN IT) and the stress of it all just makes me want to eat alllllllll the popcorn in the world (not to mention a shitload of alcohol too).

3/27/17 3:27AM

Yes!!! My 6 year old gal is ok with leggings but much prefers sweat pants. Comfort and practically FTW!

3/14/17 10:16AM

A big fat NO to that one. I suffered through a season during a dark time of my life. It’s bad but not in a delicious way.

2/19/17 7:55PM

I laughed so hard at their security video! And I have a fear of flying, so laughing is rare on such occasions.

2/16/17 5:16AM

I watched this press conference from Germany, and the German announcer afterwards, who was trying to sum this crap up, could barely contain his anger. It was like he was looking through to me from the TV screen and asking “Marcia, how could THIS ASSHOLE be your president?”

2/04/17 3:18PM

Holy shit. I have twins so any movie which features one dying before the other - that’s a big fat nope for me. That said, it looks like one hell of a thriller. I’m a fan of Kristen, so I hope it’s not a bomb.

2/02/17 11:04AM

Ha! Caught the credits. Snacks they like to eat? Gummi Bears! Biggest asshole? Paul Ryan! Dreamiest? Gosling ! Agree with her on almost everything!