Manic Otti

You are giving flat earthers way too much credit. This van is cooler than flat earthers, has a reason to exist and can provide real value to the world.


Yeah, I would not say that Ted and Don Jr “fell for” Russian propaganda. I would say they enthusiastically engaged with it.


Thanks to their hackers and disinformation-spreading troll farms, Russia got Trump elected, destroyed the US, and won the cold war. Is QAnon also run by Russian trolls? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


Perhaps a deal could be made with those Cracker Jacks guys to put more than 1/2 of a peanut in the box. I swear when I was a kid Cracker Jacks was about 25% peanuts by volume. They also had plastic toys, not stickers. Sigh. 


Thank you for writing this article. Without sunlight exposing the true cost of our cheap energy habit, we turn a blind eye to the unnecessary suffering of these local communities.  


The most embarrassing thing about all of this is how unembarrassed his supporters are. They’ll just say he “misspoke” and move on when he clearly does not know the dates of, causes of, players of the WW or any other significant event in US history. He doesn’t know anything just like they don’t know anything. This is

Aug 10

Except people would be watching it just for the explosive wrecks.  Just like NASCAR.

Aug 10

He has never in his life admitted to being wrong.  Not once.  Usually he just doubles down when he is wrong.

Aug 10

His entire persona for the last 20 or so years has been the guy who says “Your fired”. He thinks its a strength. The problem is he is a trust fund baby with no real business skills so he thinks that the way to lead a company and a country is to just fire people when they do thinks he doesn’t like. Read more