Aug 6

To give credit where it’s due, Tesla have worked relentlessly on efficiency. I imagine that every single one of its systems are optimized for efficiency. Those retractable door handles are the most visible example, but the entire vehicle contributes to those numbers. Read more

Aug 3

This take is patently... wrong.

Shamlessly stolen/reposted from Matthew Somerfield’s twitter.

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Aug 3

We should be careful about shaming people who don’t kneel. Everybody got all bent out of shape when Kaep knelt, even though it was his first amendment right to damn well do what he pleased. But now that everybody’s all woke we’re doing it all over again - getting bent out of shape when someone doesn’t kneel. Read more

Jul 30

I’ll believe it when I see it. Every VR product has been a “big deal,” hell a lot of devices ultimately deemed pointless have been touted as big deals. Almost none see widespread lasting adoption. Oculus 1 was a big deal, still a niche product. Hololens was a big deal, still....nothing? AR was a big deal, we got poor Read more

Jul 30

Fast Computer, lots of memory, Fast Internet and Ad Blocker

Jul 29

Here is a crazy idea. If police want to police protests, they must do it in full uniform with full badge number visible if they want to have the privileges that come with being the police. If you want to arrest someone, you get to do it under the scrutiny of the public. If you need to defend yourself with force, you Read more

Jul 29

Plain clothes, running up and snatching someone without clear establishment of what authority you are representing is not how we as Americans accept an arrest. This person was not a violent extremist or anything that would require a tactic of this level. Nor would would we arrest someone who did meet that level in Read more

Jul 28

And they fired into the car with the supposed victim they were trying to save!!  They could have injured or killed her!

Jul 28

It is either that or a fleet of 20 something douche nozzles on crotch rockets splitting traffic at 90 mph. Maybe it is just something about motorcycles that attract a certain kind of asshole.