Mangini In A Bottle
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However, people seeking the office of the presidency have an obligation to respond soberly and, yes, deferential on matters of immediate international (especially military) conflict. Read more

6:34 PM

Maybe she’s telling on herself. Or maybe she was 20 and majoring in English and really excited to read authors she hadn’t read in junior high because one thing college is good for is trying new things. On that score, the book that was chosen the year the student was on the committee was about racism and restorative Read more

6:14 PM

There’s a lot of White Feminism TM going on in there about “I experience 1 form of oppression, therefore EVERYTHING I DO IS OPPRESSED” as well as some serious Choice Feminism, i.e. “I demand that because I am a woman and I chose to read this that I be considered an empowered feminist because I made a choice”.

5:52 PM

The only thing we know about this particular person, based on one sentence, is that she doesn’t think Dessen’s books are good for a required (not for pleasure!) college reading program. She didn’t say anything broader about YA novels, or about whether any author’s works, Dessen’s included, are “worth reading.”  She Read more

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A bunch of introductory materials to Herbalife since venture capital is basically MLM for people with access to capital.

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I don’t have a story about getting starred, because I showed up after the stars, and in fact the previous commenting system in its entirety, had already been abolished. When I found my way to Deadspin in 2014, Kinja had already been up and “running” (if you can call it that) for some time. After reading whatever post Read more

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Oh man, Raysism once gave me like 100 words of earnest advice on a dated post. If I remember correctly, it was “we’re all bored lawyers who don’t take ourselves seriously, so you shouldn’t either.” I didn’t listen; I continued to think commenting was much more important than it was. Read more

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I had a similar path to my star. Started by trying too hard and commenting on anything as quickly as I could. The site was a form of therapy for me as I found it in 2009 and I was two years into the deepest depression of my existence. There were few things that I gave a shit about, Deadspin was one of those things. I Read more

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Nono, “Royal Watching” is a sport in London.

It counts. At least as much as cricket does. 

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The landscape changed after the stars got taken away. We compared it to the comment sections over at ESPN or Yahoo. It just got deluged with people who had nothing to say, and even worse - nothing funny to say. I know that sounds kind of prickish and elitist, but I prided myself on making comments that I thought would Read more

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Was a relative latecomer to Deadspin. Well aware I missed The Golden Years. Never had a shot at a star, was always perplexed I was let out of the grays. Read more