Mar 13 2014

How lovely to see the Childlike Empress - all grown-up and having migraines like the rest of us.

Feb 13 2014

Unfortunately, a lot of Blow Shit Up movie fans completely missed director Paul Verhoeven's point that the movie was a mockery of 80's American society. "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

Feb 2 2014

No one is pretending her every move is amazing. In fact, if you were paying attention you'd ahve noticed that MOST people agree that her Grammy performance was nowhere near up to her usual standards, and she was visibly upset about it for the rest of the show. Vocally she was off, and apparently there was also a set Read more

Jan 31 2014

I love this movement, it accepts black women in all of their shades and styles and encourages them to love themselves. So awesome to see a new positive image to look up to for black women instead of just the historically stereotypical ones :)

Jan 17 2014

I heard that was on the agenda, bit I missed it because I was late (on CPT, obviously).

Jan 17 2014

In our last black peoples meeting we discussed kicking her out. It's a gonna be a fight but I'll keep on fighting cause I really hate that bitch....

Jan 11 2014

So, I'm moving 2,000 miles away in two weeks, exactly. Leaving Michigan, snow, my abusive ex, my old job, and going to Portland (OR) to my job, partner-spouse, and new life. I'm 100% freaked out, my 8 year old is 10% into the plan, and I'm bleeding money like there's no tomorrow. Read more

Jan 8 2014

I can't stand Ken Cuccinelli but I trust him. I trust him to be the backstabbing, woman-hating, evil, no count asshole that he is. He was a dick but he was open about his dickishness. Read more

Jan 6 2014

Damn. Now I'M crying, because I just have stupid regular curly hair instead of curly fry hair. My life was perfect, and YOU ruined it...ugh!!

Dec 27 2013

Player Hater's Ball sketch from Chappelle's show. Let your haterade flow!

Dec 17 2013

Oh yes and The War of Northern Aggression was about states rights, the southern was gonna end slavery in like 5 years later, and hey slavery wasn't even that bad the master was like a father (not in the literal sense mind you, that's just an ugly Yankee lie and hey a man can do what he wants with his property) to the Read more