Mandy Mandelstein
Video Producer for Gizmodo Media Group
Aug 18 2016

...and zero for threatening rape and violence (they don’t have the tools, you guys).

Jun 29 2016

This is my favorite place in the world.

Jun 29 2016

I’m going to Brooklyn with the kids next month, thanks for another agenda item!

Mar 1 2016

Deep underground. That’s the most stupid thing about this whole project: The entire structure is nothing but the world’s most expensive roof, to what is entirely an underground complex!

Feb 9 2016

Quick tip.... try viewing the video with your phone/tablet. It will use the device’s gyroscope to control view and is much closer to the VR headset perspective. Works great with Android and iOS. Read more

Feb 2 2016

I go one step further: why deal with the possibility that you’ll be cut up by a broken wine bottle?