Mandy Mandelstein
Video Producer for Gizmodo Media Group
Jan 5 2017

This would be hell for content creators unless you could stick to certain aspect ratios, that is, unless you’re okay with losing certain bits of the image or letterboxing around footage. This was already an issue when TV’s changed from 4:3 to the HD standard of 16:9

Aug 15 2016

It still works in a lit room! The effect is a bit more defined in normal light, but it totally works in a lit room as well.

Feb 9 2016

The camera rig is now known as the GoPro Odyssey, it’s retailing for 15K. I’m curious to see if Google might open-source a 3D printed frame. Most of the cost of these rigs are the GoPros. You’ll still have soft spots above and below the camera in the footage, because these rigs don’t have cameras shooting up or down.

Feb 9 2016

It’s true! This one in particular is very awesome in a Cardboard or VR Headset