Neither have you.  And you aren’t interested, so have fun with your mental masturbation.  I’m done being your Rubix Cube. Read more

Even in this hypothetical world where Democrats do “literally nothing,” yes, it is still infinitely preferable to regression (which, I will now redub “destruction” because when Roe gets overturned, EPA clean-air laws are defanged, and accessibility to guns is actually upped instead of impaired, “regression” seems like Read more

Yes, because no progress or stalled progress is (to quote myself) “infinitely preferable to regression.” I gave a whole analogy ::tear:: Read more

The point is that they think it’s human and it is not which goes to show that at this point the unborn creature is just that. An unborn creature, not a human, not an elephant. Literally almost all fetuses start out the same. That is the fucking point.  Read more

It’s not disingenuous when confronting the pro-life” logic that a clump of cells/zygotes/embryos/fetuses are actually children and should be treated as an independent human, thus giving them the legal and medical priority of an independent human—which then puts the pregnant person’s life in danger as their own well-be Read more

Hi. I know for a cishet person such as yourself, you probably have systematically avoided anything thats happened to the LGBTQ+ community for the past oh...lets go with 50+ years. As such you’re probably entirely unaware that ‘lifestyle’ has been used in conjunction with attacks against their rights for decades. Read more

That’s true, but elections show we have the majority of voters. Trump failed to win the popular vote in 2016 and he lost the popular vote and the electoral college in 2020. The GOP is not the overwhelmingly popular party among Americans. The Dems problem is turn out. Especially for the Midterms. Right now the GOP are Read more

The problem is we don’t REALLY have the majority because 2 of the supposed dems in fact actually aren’t. Read more

I will never ever in a billion years vote for the Christian party. I’ll vote a zillion Dems before voting for the GOP. Read more

Next the GOP are coming for your Social Security Read more

A meaningless ritual is religion. Imagine in 2022 worshiping a sky God. 

Read more

They are doing something, but the GOP keeps blocking every Democrat bill they wanna pass in congress. The GOP blocked the bill to help the gas shortage. The baby formula bill. The voting rights bill. The idea is so morons like you think the Dems are doing nothing and then you vote for these greedy rich old conservative Read more

I was happy to see my corporate overlord send out a mass email condemning the actions and stating that any travel out of anti-choice states required by employees for a procedure will be paid for. I was not so happy for one of my team mates on a call to decide to rail against it for 20 minutes.  But I already had to Read more

I’ll take the people failing to accomplish what I want over the people succeeding in accomplishing what I despise.   Read more

Don’t let Christianity control the country and your life! It’s in the Constitution “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Fight! Because your livelihood depends on it. Read more

Uh oh, here come the "isn't Kotaku about games!?" Crowd, followed shortly by the anti-choice apologists Read more

It’s cute that you think senior management actually gives a shit about the feelings of their employees. Read more