Oct 2

Yes, precisely. Trump’s evils have always been front and center. They don’t try to hide them - hell, they often celebrate them! Imagining that there’s all this nebulous stuff going on in secret just pulls attention away from the things he’s doing right out in the open. Hell, he straight-up told the country that he’s Read more

Sep 4

I know we want to win over 2016 Trump voters and honey works better than salt (or whatever), but if you voted for Trump in 2016 and you claim you didn’t know he was a piece of shit, then you are a liar or monumentally fucking stupid.

Aug 27

Ive got pretty severe social anxiety issues. I barely socialized before this, and the pandemic cancelled most of the few social obligations I did have. It has been generally awesome. I am most likely on the autism spectrum though (as for kids my son dx with autism also seems fine, my neurotypical and extroverted Read more

Aug 25

FYI there was a WaPo article last year about the similarities between Martha Mitchell and the Conways, and they pointed out that Trump’s current ambassador to the Czech Republic was the guy who roughed up and “kidnapped” Martha Mitchell when she threatened to blab about Watergate. Also his name is Stephen King. You Read more

Aug 25

I actually watched a doc recently about Watergate but still didn’t know about the “Martha Mitchell effect”. Now I am sickened at the thought that soon Claudia might be sent somewhere where she “can get the help she needs”, and knowing Trump and his gang of sociopaths, I would not be shocked at all if he or they Read more

Aug 24

oh no, I assume this has been going on both in-person and via social media for a while, and it’s a pretty sad situation (it was a bummer just imagining how Kellyanne and George get along in the first place), but social media is a great way for Claudia to land some hard shots against Kellyanne both directly and Read more

Aug 12

You’re not wrong, but if she simply refused alcohol, all anyone could do was speculate that she was pregnant. That may have still overshadowed Eugenie’s wedding, but one couldn’t reasonably expect Meghan to potentially endanger her baby in order to avoid speculation. One can reasonably expect someone to keep their big Read more

Aug 11

I have several gripes with Kamala Harris but watching her verbally disembowel shitty men just fills me with delight.

Aug 11

Oh, the platters and the asses. Platters and asses extending off to the horizon, for as far as the eye can see.

Aug 11

Okay, cool. Just like I hope Biden is the last gasp of Boomer, Reagan-era Democrats who think you have to cosplay as Republicans to win elections (you would think so since he’s 78, but here came Pete Buttigieg so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), I hope Harris and Klobuchar are the last gasp of politicians (or at least Democrats) building Read more

Aug 11

I work at the University of Utah so I am very excited to have the debate here. 

Aug 11

The kids on POC Tiktok know how it works. They create hilarious and amazing content that gets copied by white kids and then blows up. The originators rarely get credit or clout for their creations. And yet they are thriving and continuing to create. Tale as old as time...

Aug 10

Yeah, having trauma doesn’t mean you can’t also be carrying Covid-just like a person with autism can be carrying Covid, or a person with claustrophobia or breathing issues or cognitive disabilities.  Places you really have to go-like the grocery store-offer alternatives like curbside pickup or delivery so you don’t Read more